The Way Forward suggested by Jeff Gates is feasible and/or desirable - Essay Example

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Jeff believes that by U.S collaborating with them is just a source of disruption of the existent world peace. He provides an example of…
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The Way Forward suggested by Jeff Gates is feasible and/or desirable
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Extract of sample "The Way Forward suggested by Jeff Gates is feasible and/or desirable"

In relation to Jeff’s article “The Way Forward", it is evident that he does not like the collaboration existent between Sayanim and Mossad. Jeff believes that by U.S collaborating with them is just a source of disruption of the existent world peace. He provides an example of Sayanim who have massively infiltrated various criminal agencies and giving Intel back to U.S in regard to their plans. Jeff believes that the same people provide criminal investigation agencies back in U.S false information hence prompting U.S to act unknowingly. He continues by stating that U.S has been having an alliance with them for over six years with the Jewish group, but it seems that they have just promoted acts of war instead of peace. He provides an example of the terror attack on U.S soil during the bombing of world trade center, something which could have been averted if U.S received correct intelligence (Cohen 17). Furthermore, the agencies seem to be disguised planners of war instead of peace creators. From my own perspective, I believe Jeff suggestion could be feasible, and U.S should cut off any links with such agencies as they pose a threat to it.
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Cohen, Jacob. Le Printemps Des Sayanim:Receit. Paris: LHarnmattan, 2010. Read More
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