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Pay It Forward (2000) - Movie Review Example

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A 12-year-old schoolboy based out of Las Vegas,Nevadaby the name, Trevor McKinney is given a projectto complete by histeacher who teaches him social studies. His appearance is very scary because of the burns on his face. The task given to him is very tough and involves changing the whole world…
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Pay It Forward (2000)
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Download file to see previous pages The following morning, Trevor'smother, a single mother who has been affected by alcoholism, becomes furious with Trevor after finding a stranger in their house. His Mom directly confronts Eugene and he too is very surprised by Trevor's response.
Later that night back at their place, Trevor talks to his mother about her alcoholism, she gets angry and slaps him across the face. Trevor decides to run away from his house and his Mom again approaches Eugene to help her in finding him, they finally find him at a bus stop and his mom apologizes for her mistake.
In the Meanwhile, Chris ajournalist is trying really hard to find out why a total stranger gifted him a brand newJaguar S-Typecar after Chris' old 1965Ford Mustangwas severely damaged in an unprecedentedaccident. The stranger's replies by saying, that he is simply "paying it forward". When Chris enquires him for some more information, the man elucidates that, when he recently visited a hospital while his daughter was suffering a severeasthmaattack, a gang member suffering from a severe stab wound actually took up a gun and forced the doctor to examine the child, the same makes Chris very curious to know about the same.
Trevor tries really hard to help Jerry but fails time and again and he decides to help Eugene by making him good friends with his mother. Both of them become good friends but all this changes when her ex-husband shows up proclaiming that he has changed and she gives him another chance to sort out the differences between them.
Arlene later tries really hard to explain her choice to Trevor's teacher; the audience here gets to learn that Eugene'sburnswere the result of terriblechild abuseby his father.
Eugene gets very concerned not just about the abusive and violent nature of Trevor's father, but that the simple absence of a loving father could hamper the well-being of Trevor.
He explains the very same thing his father. At thirteen, Eugene fled his home at the age of 13 and returned home when he was 16, he did so to take his mother along with him but his father knocked him down and burned him and the same has caused the scars on his face and chest. Trevor's mom soon realizes that his father has not changed even a bit and he still drinks alcohol and on the top of that becomes angry for no reason. She realizes her mistake and also starts thinking about Eugene. She soon discovers that Eugene has lost all his interest in the relationship.
Re-Introduction of Characters
The re-introduction of Jerry takes place at this point, he has moved to a different city and he rescues a woman who is about to commit suicide. Chris is also re-introduced and the movie becomes a little complicate at this point as the pay it forward movement starts. Chris's quest to find the originator of this movement is still on and he soon realizes that Trevor was the founder of this movement, Trevor is interviewed in the movie and he talks about the difficulties this movement can face and listening to his interview, Trevor's mom and Eugene decide that they must stay together. In the meanwhile, the reconciliation between Trevor's mom and Eugene is overshadowed by the death of Trevor; he dies trying to save a friend of his who was getting bullied by the seniors.
The movie ends with a very positive note; the movement started by Trevor becomes a nationwide hit and more and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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