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Bush’s arguments are persuasive; he states the fact that all people demand freedom in their lives. This freedom revolves around the ability to do the right thing. However, the Unites States does not have the mandate, duty and capacity to enforce, promote and maintain…
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International Politics- political science 7
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The Bush Doctrine Mr. Bush’s arguments are persuasive; he s the fact that all people demand freedom in their lives. This freedom revolves around the ability to do the right thing. However, the Unites States does not have the mandate, duty and capacity to enforce, promote and maintain democracy at a global level despite the need for it to do so. Democracy represents the freedom of opinion, association, expression, human rights and other privileges. Consequently, democratic peace embodies a law of politics that has the implications of global peace since democratic peace means democracies are more peaceful in their relations as noted in the
Oxford Bibliographies (Leffler, Melvyn, and Jeffrey 18).
As more states continue to subscribe to democratic tendencies, I think a general decline in the incidence of war should be expected. There will be more peaceful relations and fewer problems that instigate conditions that culminate into war. If more states could adopt democratic principles, there will certainly be more peace and fewer issues at a global level. Personally, I find Mr. Bushs argument to be not only convincing, but also slightly inexperienced. I completely
concur that having more democracies in the world lowers the probability of war, as has been proven throughout history. Nearly every major war so far has been instigated by parties that are administered using conflicting governments and ideas. Of all these countries, hardly any of them have ever been between two democracies. Nonetheless, I do not think that at any point in the near future will there be a shift within the developed countries governments towards democracy. For example, North Korea adopted a governance structure that completely opposes the West in as far as democracy is concerned. If North Korea would somehow adopt a democratic approach, it would serve to alter the power positions that both countries hold. However, these and other factors stand in the gap of adopting democracy at a global level (Leffler, Melvyn, and Jeffrey 22).
Work Cited
Leffler, Melvyn P, and Jeffrey Legro. To Lead the World: American Strategy After the Bush Doctrine. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. Print. Read More
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