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Obamacare is the patient protection and affordable care act that was passed but the critics of president Obama were against the act that was termed as Obamacare. The main idea behind the project is to improve and make efforts to reform health care, but it stuck even though…
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Issue analysis paper
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Download file to see previous pages The act was to be financed within the next ten years for it to be fully operational to help those who are unable to insure as depicted by the health act. As a result, millions of people will benefit from employment based insurance coverage than in the absence of Affordable Care Act (ACA).The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the government budget and effects for the ten years. The Affordable Care Act will be financed thus delivering a devastating analysis of the inefficiencies and problematic social costs of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act still faces opposition from Congressional Budget Office (CBO) since the key selling point of Affordable Care Act was to cover a significant number of above 30 million Americans who lacked it. As per today, the CBO is out criticizing the Affordable Care Act in America that within a decade, 6 million people will not be given health care insurance from their companies or from the employers due to Affordable Care Act (john 45). This makes the Americans to see as if the act was politically passed so as only target a certain group of Americans and segregating those who can be able to acquire the insurance coverage.

The estimated expenditure of Affordable Care act will be about $2 trillion within the next 10 years meaning that there would be disruption of the United States medical system since the federal government will not be able to achieve the objectives, of providing coverage to 30 million Americans. The Congressional Budget Office maintains that within the ten years the same number of 30 million Americans will lack insurance as before since the Affordable Care Act will collapse within the next 5 years. Another opposing idea of the ACA is that the poor people will get subsidies and after they achieve certain level of compensation then the subsidy will disappear when one reaches a higher pay level. Basing their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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