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The study of history requires an accurate and intensive conduct of exploration than other disciplines because it deals with finding out, understanding and stating of past events or occurrences connected to a specific thing or person. This therefore demands of one to think like a…
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Think like a historian
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Download file to see previous pages because of three main aspects; one, it enables the researcher to be able to dig deep into all information available about something and later determine whether it is believable or not. Secondly, it enables the research to come up with evidence that is supportive to achieve conclusions and information that is reliable. Finally, these two lead one to have a better understanding of an occurrence of history. The following essay will highlight three effective ways that define the thinking like a historian process that is sourcing, corroborating, and contextualization. In addition, it will categorize them as either compelling or problematic in their approach.
The phrase “to think like a historian” literally means that a historian should have in their mind the reason for going after a piece of history. This means that one has to have the goal of understanding questions that are fundamental regarding human existence at the back of their minds. Boyle in her book states that, “history is structured around a specific time period or geographical areas” 1. This simplified implies that one has to understand the reasons for human behaviour during the period under focus. All these cannot be made possible by merely observing the event mentioned directly but requires hints and mediation of whatever remains from that contextual occurrence to succeed in thinking like one, which in the end will solve all the queries that one has regarding a historical problem2.
The first step in involved in thinking like a historian is sourcing. Sourcing is the process of finding out more information about a historical occurrence, which requires the use of documents, sound recordings, films, or any object that is in any way linked to the subject in exploration. In short, sourcing will assist one in answering questions regarding the event’s participants, reasons for the event, the implications of the event, the time of its occurrence and just any relevant information there may be. Under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Think Like a Historian Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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