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The turn of the 20th century is the duration of American conquest to new territories that provides a good starting point for analysis of the American perspective of imperialism. The speech by Beveridge is rhetorically significant since it brings alive the themes of American…
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Second Writing Assignment Primary Sources
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Download file to see previous pages The speech by Beveridge represents a statement of expansion and social growth across the borders, which formed part of the American ambitions. In this speech, Beveridge asserts the notion that America is the leader of universal democracy that is entitled to benefit all mankind irrespective of where they are. He believes that united states are endowed with a mission to spread its enlightened politics, culture, economics and religion to all corners of the world whether they are willing to receive it or not. According to Beveridge, the Americans are endowed with a talent to exercise control of the world, a talent they should not hide1. Manifest Destiny is an ideology by in this speech that supports imperialism in various ways. It supports the notion of Anglo-Saxon racial superiority since Beveridge believed that his race is superior to others and should thus conquer others in the whole world. Beveridge believed that Americans were justified to displace the natives as they expand across the continent in the name of civilization.
Beveridge had no soft words for his opponents. Due to this, he considered opponents of imperialism as infidels to gospel who would make America lose their territories. He argued that those against American imperialism were against the wishes of God, making him differ with his opponents who argue that continuation of American isolationist policies is inherently selfish. He urged his opponents that imperialism is a policy that enabled the Americans to preserve the spirit of their founding fathers who had restrained the wilderness. According to Paris, evident destiny delivered Beveridge with more decent and challenging reason to participate in grand activities against other territories beyond the foundation of commercial supremacy. According to Beveridge, the American-Spanish war the most holy wars ever waged by one nation against the other since it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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