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The rise of revolution all over the word is something not new as it has been occurring in every century. This has resulted to the change of guard in the leadership of various…
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Compare an revolution to civil war
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"Compare an revolution to civil war"

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Revolution may be caused by army and rebellious groups with a certain motive which will be of their advantages. This leads to the major types of revolutions that are experienced globally. The first one is the violent and sudden revolution that seeks to transform the entire nation establishing new political systems that prioritize the citizens’ issues. The other revolutions are the political revolutions in which the government is replaced but other structures like property relations are left intact. The best example of such a revolution is the French revolution that happened in 1830 and 1848. Political revolutions entail mass mobilization and more fundamental economic, cultural and social change (Briton, 12).
The final types of revolutions involve the sweeping but slow changes of the entire society that take several generations to be embraced globally or in a certain nation. One example is the religion which is spread out from one generation to another in the changing of people’s beliefs. The other example that has being evident globally is the industrial revolution which has been gradually embraced by nations to develop various machines. Industrial Revolution in Britain was really propelled by the development of a steam engine that would enable the pumping of water from coal mines thus enabling deeper mining in the ground (Downing, 7).
The one cause that leads to rising of revolution in any nation is when democracy is undermined and collapsed by the reigning regime. Undermining of democracy could be a result of the authoritarian leadership. This leadership does not give the citizens the freedom to express their grievances forward to be met by the people in power. This contends that for a country to expand economically and reduce the rise of revolution there has to be a strong, independent middle class that entails rational legal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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