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Political Documentaries - Essay Example

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The films I choose to discuss and compare their political encounters are Tsar to Lenin (1937) a documentary from the 1950s produced by Herman Axelbank and Burma VJ (2008) directed by Anders Østergaard for…
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Political Documentaries
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Download file to see previous pages Both films reveal that media activism is a vital tool in the political world. Burma VJ (2008) is about the Saffron Revolution in Burma, while Tsar to Lenin (1937) shows the Russian revolution. By comparing these two documentaries about the Saffron and Russian revolution; it is evident that the revolutions altered the political dimensions of the affected nations. Additionally, the two documentaries are themed on revolution with authentic footage. However, Burma VJ (2008), attempts to bring about social changes with footage filmed by amateur video journalist while Tsar to Lenin (1937) attempts to work mere compilation of video records. This is an important observation vital in the analysis of the trends of the documentary films because nowadays advanced technology enables us to have accesses to information easily, thus such a video journal documentary as Burma VJ (2008) can force modern audiences to be witnesses to real political events.
Tsar to Lenin (1937) presents the extraordinary 1917 revelation of the Russians from a mass uprising which defeated the Tsarist regime to the Bolshevik-led insurrection. This film portrays the Russians under the Tsarist dictatorship of Nicholas II; who believed in autocracy system of governance. Russia experienced industrialization quickly and it led to low paying jobs and high unemployment rates. This film shows the luxurious life of the ones who resided at the Imperial court, while the citizens (peasants and working class) of Russia suffered in ignorance and extreme poverty. Moreover, Russia was losing in the World War I and the populace blamed the Tsar for happenings. The economy of the country grew weak leading to shortages of food; resulting to hunger and death. The reigning Tsar lacked proper management skills with both politics and the military. The Tsarist regime was put under severe compression by the challenges and the difficulties of the world war. Since the war began, inadequacies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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