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While it has focused on a wide range of issues in all the spheres of life, one aspect of the traditional China that remains interesting is traditional healing and medicine. In traditional China, the basis was basically…
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Traditional china
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Medicine and Healing in Traditional China The history of China has been written on different fronts. While it has focused on a wide range of issues in all the spheres of life, one aspect of the traditional China that remains interesting is traditional healing and medicine. In traditional China, the basis was basically on the individual treatment. One had to be very cautious about his or her health. It is against this background that traditional medicine came into the picture. There were two distinct elements that determined an individual’s health status. One of such was that the body had parts that basically supported one another. None, therefore, could function independently. Secondly and most importantly was that energy flowed through the body following certain distinct channels found deep within the body (Zhao, 12). In traditional china, it was believed that one fell sick as a result of the very channels through which energy passes are blocked. Consequently, the body parts working together were the reason why an individual became well or sick.
In the event that the body parts did not work in harmony, one thus became sick. Most of the medicines used in traditional China were basically herbs (Tsang, 78). The traditional healers mixed a variety of herbs to effect a healing. This was done for a variety of diseases and none of the herbs could be said to be of a specific nature. A number of diseases were thus treated and become well. Many as the best have described medicine and healing in traditional china in many years. Scientists have also used the traditional medicines to develop more sophisticated drugs. In different countries, especially in America, these forms of healing and even the medicine have been used as direct alternatives of the actual drugs used.
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