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These include two key river systems including Yangtze and Yellow rivers that boost agricultural base for the Chinese. This is because they carry in their flow heavy…
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Lao Tzu (traditional china)
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Lao Tzu (traditional china) Describe the major geographical characteristics of China The entire despite being extremely diverse in terms of populace boasts remarkable geographical features. These include two key river systems including Yangtze and Yellow rivers that boost agricultural base for the Chinese. This is because they carry in their flow heavy silts and sedimentation to the extent the latter its capacity has no comparison globally. Other features embrace N. China Plain and Tsinling mountain range whose roles especially the latter encompasses that of bordering.
Explain differences between the periphery and core, and the north and south
Periphery comprises a large external outline terrain whose populace density is scarce because not many of the Chinese have inhabited it, which is contrary to the core region. This is because the latter comprises of numerous Chinese to the extent of referred as China proper. Northern region is a lowland terrain compared to the South, which is high comprising of two key river systems mostly in that area depended for agriculture.
Explain why China’s population is both diverse and unified
It is irrefutable China’s populace for long compared to other people residing in other global states is extremely diverse. This is especially in terms of culture, language and other varied aspects that render unique as well as unified despite significance differences that characterize it. Outstanding aspects that make it diverse embrace religions ranging from Taoism, Buddhism, and Islam to Christianity besides others. In addition, Chinese also reside in diverse significant regions characterized by unique dialects though they comprise one general state having a capacity of approximately 500 Million. Comprising this capacity, there are key minorities that constitutes 6.7% of the entire populace capacity. Read More
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Lao Tzu (traditional China) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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