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Looking Backward - Essay Example

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In this regard, there has been a paradigm shift from the application of a decentralized industrial control system for industrial organization under a single management system. The…
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Looking Backward
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Extract of sample "Looking Backward"

History and Political Science Evolution of the True Industrial Systems Bellamy highlights the aspect of the evolution of industrial systems in ‘Looking Backward’. In this regard, there has been a paradigm shift from the application of a decentralized industrial control system for industrial organization under a single management system. The industrial organization under a single management system has enhanced the synchronization of many production processes. This has resulted in multiple productions, unlike in the former system. Bellamy asserts, “...There ensued an era of mechanical invention, scientific discovery, art, musical and literary productiveness to which no previous age of the world offers anything comparable…” (34). The benefits of the evolution of this industrial system have been manifest. This has made other governments like Europe to emulate the same mode of a single system of control because of the economic underperformance experience in the decentralized industrial control system. The government has considered the efficiency, which streams from the application of scientific forms of production. Additionally, supply of products is linked to the demand of the various products produced. Logistics have been introduced to ensure that the bureaucratic structures put in place are beneficial.
The Equality of Labor
Bellamy also analyzes the aspect of equality of labor in the novel, ‘Looking Backward’. In this regard, shared labor has been construed to be the driver of social order and scientific socialism. According to Bellamy, human welfare and equality can be fostered by a society, which is efficiently managed (47). This is because the humanity aspect is indispensable in the search of equality at work. The social order has made people co-exist in every aspect to an extent that it is impossible for any person to alienate himself from the society for any course. Bellamy remarks, “…Our entire social order is so wholly based upon and deduced from [compulsory national service] that if it were conceivable that a man could escape it, he would be left with no possible way to provide for his existence. He would have excluded himself from the world, cut himself off from his kind, in a word, committed suicide…” (Bellamy, 59). Equality in social labor is mandatory for any person to be on equal footing with the rest of the community. Bellamy asserts that synergistic effort helps in the fostering of unity in the industrial setting rather than the fear of retribution (37). Citizenship is correlated with work. Through this work equality is achieved by all the citizens. The women are not excluded from taking part in the industrial work. This also portrays equality at the industry level.
Publicly-Owned Capital
Bellamy highlights the extent to which publicly-owned capital will boost the production of art. In this regard, the arts are bound to flourish under the system of publicly owned capital. Initially, in the 19th century, only the affluent had the chance of pursuing the prestigious career of art given their economic and financial endowment (Bellamy, 67). Conversely, everybody having talent has a chance to pursue a degree in the new system of publicly owned capital. This has led to proper utilization of talent, and in consequence, the exploration of potential talents has been boosted. This system has also made the press to advance given that people feel open to discuss pertinent issues free of malice and conspiracy. This system functions like the American democratic value system. Most wars during the 19th century are attributable to high poverty levels in society, which were fueled by the great disparity between the rich and the poor in society. The publicly-owned capital system has narrowed the rich-poor gap and fostered equity in the distribution of financial and economic resources. Bellamy asserts, “…The account of every person, man, woman, and child, you must understand, is always with the nation directly, and never through any intermediary, except, of course, that parents, to a certain extent, act for children as their guardians…” (Bellamy, 76). Additionally, the law regarding property rights has almost been rendered unnecessary given that there is little private property ownership. In this regard, the property laws have been rendered inert and inconsequential given the socialism associated with the publicly-owned capital system of government.
Bellamy, Edward. Looking Backward: From 2000 to 1887. Bedford, MA: Applewood Books,
2010. Print. Read More
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