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The Most Important Signer of the US Constitution - Essay Example

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From research, it should be noted that 40 delegates, all drawn from different states of the country signed the original document on September 7, 1787 ratifying the constitution,…
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The Most Important Signer of the US Constitution
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"The Most Important Signer of the US Constitution"

Download file to see previous pages George Washington was born in February 1932 in Virginia and received basic English education from his mother since his father died when George was just ten years old (Lossing 55). He became a surveyor at the age of seventeen and at the age of nineteen, was appointed a state-adjutant, a position he soon resigned to move with his brother to the West Indies. His services to the state started officially when he was 21 and was sent as an emissary to dissuade the French from hostile maneuvers, a feat that earned him credit and recognition (Lossing 55). He served in the military until 1758 when he retired and married a young widow. He was a farmer for a short while until he was called into the legislature and later into the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia (Lossing 55). He also directed the army in the struggle for independence by the revolting colonies during the great revolution.
From Washington’s skill and experience, he was unanimously led to lead the convention that sat to modify the current form of government, efforts that resulted in the formation of the current constitution and the federal government. He was later elected as the first president of the United States of America, a post that he held for 8 years, after which he retired and died peacefully at the age of 68 in his native Virginia (Lossing 56).
Lossing, Benson J. Eminent Americans: Comprising Brief Biographies of Leading Statesmen, Patriots, Orators and others, Men and Women, Who Have Made American History. New York: John B. Alden, 1883. P. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Most Important Signer of the US Constitution
...?Signers of the Constitution and Significance Introduction The United s has the oldest written constitutions on earth. On one hand nearly two-thirds of the world governments have constitutions drafted since 1970 are not in use while on the other hand, U.S Constitution was drafted in 1787 during a long and hot summer in Philadelphia over 201 years ago is still in use. The U.S Constitution is a collection of ideas from many people and important documents such as Declaration of Independence and Article of Confederation. There are quotes from men who signed the U.S most important document. Some of the quotes include ‘I shall always love my country’ and ‘A cause unspeakably important.’ Countries around the world have used it as a model... for...
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US constitution
...? Running head: US constitution. (US constitution) Components of the US government The United sconstitution was put into place over three centuries ago, 1787.It remains the most precise and oldest constitution found in a written form. This constitution, in America constitutes the supreme law. Initially, the United States constitution was composed of three branches defining the federal government; the Congress also referred to as the Legislature, Exercutive branch defining the presidency and the Judiciary constituted by the courts. Even though the three...
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Federal Constitution in US
...consensus among warring groups. In addition, the written constitution helped the US in balancing the power between the States and federal government thus binding all the 50 States in one nation. 2. Why shouldn’t the Constitution include an overall criminal code specifying crimes and punishments that could apply throughout the United States? Most criminal policies and laws are formed by States in the US and the federal constitution was written as a guide for federal government. Therefore, penal codes are very lengthy in that they cover many things from standards such as murder and larceny to practicising clinics without a license. In...
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US constitution the central government but maintaining its power in the state. The article also served as a printed document, which established varied functions for the state and national governments after the Declaration of Independence. The first draft of the Declaration of Independence was established in June 1776 after the day when the committees were appointed. The second draft of the articles was printed during the congress, which resolved to assign a committee for preparing a constitution for an associate type of union (Miller 23). The last draft was ratified in November 1777 in Pennsylvania and this was after a year of debate; thus the articles served as the function system of government used by the congress...
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...?The most Important Legacy of Reformation for us Today The most Important Legacy of Reformation for us Today The Protestant Reformation was the most important legacy of reformation for us to date. Protestant reformation was triggered by several factors that were considered controversial to the true Gospel of Christ as was practiced by the Roman Catholic Church in the earlier days. The protestant reformation started in Europe in the early sixteenth century1. The works of Martin Luther King’s activities that he carried out in the late fifteenth century informed the reforms. During such...
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American history-us constitution
...); Adoption of the Constitution (-'the biggest experiment in democracy'); the Civil War and Modern Times timeline (1861 - 1904); the World War II timeline (1939 - 1945).1 This dynamism is described by the Professor of History at the Moritz School, Ohio State University, Michael Les Benedict, in more than 40 essays in American History. Perhaps Benedict's works give the most comprehensive analogy of the biggest experiment in the history of democracy; the United States Constitution. The US constitution can be considered as the apex of US history. In an essay entitled Expanding the Scope of American Constitutional History,...
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US Constitution
...United s Constitution 16-09-11 The US ConstitutionThe American Constitution is the supreme Law of the United States. The seven articles of the constitution were written by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the year 1787. Thus, the constitution is more than 200 years old and is in fact designated as the oldest constitution of the world. In accordance with the constitution, the Congress was partitioned into two houses and the United States Federal Government was divided into three branches known as the legislative, judicial and the presidential branch. The legislative branch has the power to formulate Laws while the other two braches do not have the right make Laws to prosecute citizens. The President is the head... of the...
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US Constitution
...Supreme Court can interpret Constitution, participated in Revolution of 1800 and witnesses the peaceful transfer of powers. James Madison, 1751-1836, was the 4th president of the U.S. 1809-17, member of the Continental Congress; 1780-83. Republican Macon’s Bill No. 2: that allowed trade once more (1809-1817). James Monroe, 1758-1831, was the5th president of the U.S. (1817-25). Went to law school with Thomas Jefferson (1780-83) and was a member of the Virginia legislature (1782) as well as the Continental Congress (1783-86) (Madison, James, et al 1). Marshall’s Decisions: McCulloch vs. Maryland (1819) Bank of US can’t be taxed, Dartmouth College vs. Woodward (1819)-contract is highest law, Gibbon’s vs....
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US Constitution and gun handy, as the threatened individual will use it to protect himself or herself from the aggressor, and if lucky prevent the occurrence of a crime. Others keep guns in safekeeping at their homes for such cases of insecurity, especially in the event a burglar attacks their home and attempts to steal or make away with their property. Constitutional Right The United States’ constitution, in its exceptional way to stand out as the most democratic and adaptable constitution in the entire world, gives the civilians the right to own guns. As such, it is not a criminal offense to hold and own a firearm in the United States, as it is a grave crime in other...
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US constitution
...branch of the federal government which comprises the Supreme Court of the US and the lower courts created by Congress (United States, 2013). 6. Article V is a very important part of the U.S Constitution why? Because it proposes amendments and subsequent ratification of the Constitution, it describes the process of altering the constitution (Cooke, 2002).  7. Article VII included a. How many states ratified the US constitution what was that number that was sufficient? Nine States b. Included the year of the ratification what year was it? 1787, “Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven...
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