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National Interests Vs Human Interests in Takastand - Case Study Example

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This paper “National Interests Vs Human Interests in Takastand” aims to plan the international conference for the human security problems in State. This case study reveals that the primary issue of the country is unnecessary political influence…
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National Interests Vs Human Interests in Takastand
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Extract of sample "National Interests Vs Human Interests in Takastand"

Download file to see previous pages Here, the response of the entire world to the human interests issues of people in Takastand would play a major role. However, in planning the international conference it is important to first analyze the issues of Takastand. Case study reveals that the primary issue of the country is unnecessary political influence which has subsequently increased breach of human rights from the side of government officials. This paper aims to plan the international conference for the human security problems in State through following three steps:
Economic: Economic stability and long term sustenance plays the most vital role in bringing peace and prosperity to a nation (Strauss-Kahn). This becomes even more significant when the state is facing various internal and external threats. Hence agenda of conference should be based upon the resolution that the residents of Takastand must be given equal employment and business opportunities. They must not be discriminated on the basis of ethical or religious background.
Political: Currently the politics of Takastand are solely handled by one political party which is against the rules and regulations of democracy. Since this political party is also found to be supported by international criminal networks while enjoying complete authority over the police and military forces therefore it has started attacking the minorities and less influential social groups. These issues should be tackled through ensuring complete implementation of democracy by allowing different political parties to acquire same status in the national and provisional assemblies.
Military: The issues pertaining to military in Takastand are actually associated with the super influential political party which not only discriminates people but it also practices illegitimate military control over them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(National Interests Vs Human Interests in Takastand Case Study)
National Interests Vs Human Interests in Takastand Case Study.
“National Interests Vs Human Interests in Takastand Case Study”, n.d.
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