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Misunderstanding between Arab Muslims in the Middle East - Assignment Example

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The paper “Misunderstanding between Arab Muslims in the Middle East” analyzes one of the most complex regions in the entire world. A great deal of this complexity is concentric upon a fundamental level of misunderstanding that exists between Arab Muslims in the Middle East…
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Misunderstanding between Arab Muslims in the Middle East
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Extract of sample "Misunderstanding between Arab Muslims in the Middle East"

It is without question that the Middle East is one of the most complex regions in the entire world. A great deal of this complexity is concentric upon a fundamental level of misunderstanding that exists between Arab Muslims in the Middle East and a large majority of people within the Western world; specifically the United States. Question that is been asked by many is with regards to “why do they hate us and/or why do we hate them”. With regards to why Arab Muslims within the Middle East might very well “hate” the United States, the first and foremost reason for this is with respect to the fact that the United States has historically taken the side of Israel in nearly every issue. Alternatively, Arab states within the Middle East have oftentimes gone against Israel and attempted to band together as a means of reducing the power or territory that Israel is able to claim. Comparatively, individuals as the United States are oftentimes wary of individuals from the Middle East due to the fact that they can accurately equate each and every one of these individuals as a potential terrorist. Ultimately, the distrust and mutual discussed that exists within the stereotypes of both of these groups create a situation through which approach is unlikely and extraordinarily difficult. In order for the United States to approach the issue of the Middle East from a fresh perspective, it will be necessary to leave the dogged defense of Israel and to achieve a more mediatory tone with regards to the issues at hand. Read More
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