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APA 360 III - Term Paper Example

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Yet we know very little about how man perceive the race of a person. How exactly does one see “race”? Research has shown that the study of race and how man perceives it has evolved into a scientific study known as Scientific Race…
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Extract of sample "APA 360 III"

What is Race? We live in a world that is divided by race. Yet we know very little about how man perceive the race of a person. How exactly does onesee “race”? Research has shown that the study of race and how man perceives it has evolved into a scientific study known as Scientific Race. This study delved on research that wanted to either prove or disprove the automatic perception of race. Do people “instinctively categorize by race” (Stafford, Tom “Is Race Perception Automatic?”)? Using something called “memory confusion protocol”, scientists were able to determine that race perception is not something that is done automatically by a person because the first image that a person has of the person before him does not leave a truly remarkable impression. Rather, the concept of race is simply something that we have come to think of as automatic due to the mind conditioning that we have undergone since an early age.
Since race has no genetic basis, one can safely say that race is therefore an illusion. Neither does a human sub-specie exist as these do in the animal kingdom for us to perceive that one human being is different from another. We all belong to the same specie and therefore exist in the same reality. That is why skin color cannot be used to determine the race of a person. The illusion of race on a physical basis is simply wrong because the real differences between people exist not on a physical basis but rather on genetic variation with 85% of traits being shared by a given population. Therefore, race is not biological and no one skin color is better than the other (“What is Race? Is Race for Real?”).
Due to the fact that there has been an explosion of mixed race births in the United States, the issue of race has come to be outdated using the traditional definition. Therefore, the existence of multiracial beings has forced sociologists to begin studying race anew when it comes to “intergroup relations, racial stigmatization, social identity, social perception, discrimination, and the intersectionality of race with other social categories such as social class” (Shih, Margaret, Sanchez, Diana T. “When Race Becomes Even More Complex: Towards Understanding the Concept of Multiracial Identity and Experiences”).
The challenge that multiracials pose before the discussion of race is now how to determine the actual race of a person or if the issue of race even exists for that particular person because of the multiple bloodlines running through their veins.
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(APA 360 III Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
APA 360 III Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“APA 360 III Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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