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Mental space can be considered subjective as it entails one imaginative world and links it to what may possibly exist and what may be a possibility. According to Gilles Fauconnier author of "Mental Spaces" mental spaces…
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Mental space compared with physical space
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Download file to see previous pages Physical space can be objective as it remains and exists regardless of the thought process of that of the recipient.
Mental space ties perception with the physical world. Ones thought process and perception of events may vary depending on the individual. What one may see another may interpret differently. For example, if two people see the exact same car accident, one may have a different story as to how the entire event unfolded compared to that of some one else. There are also various externalities that may affect the perception process leaving ones interpretation to differ from the other.
However, citing the example, what was factual is that an accident took place. The physical space that incurred the accident is actual and the car accident is tangible as it can be touched and it exists. Regardless of perception the fact the accident occurred remains and is virtually true. The difference between mental space and physical space can impact ones perception on social, political and culture issues.
The mental space encumbers ones immediate experiences, imagination, perceptions and past circumstances that helped mold them into the current person of today. Linking these characteristics to the physical space determines ones view of reality. What may be deemed reality by that person doesnt make that perception true. For instance, using the aforementioned example of the car accident, the bystander who viewed that accident may give testimony to the police about the surrounding events of the car accident. The bystander reports what they believe to be reality when in fact it is only their view of reality. The fact the accident happened is true, however what the bystander reports seeing may not be true however it is their reality.
This happens in court testimonies and when it is time to identify the perpetrator. Countless people have been released from prison only after DNA testing proved their innocence. The victims have picked out the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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