Turkey military and islamists - Research Paper Example

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Turkey is a country that has faced insurmountable challenges through military leadership under the Islamist movements that have demonstrated leadership based on Islamic ideas. It has experienced a series of coups that have ousted the different leadership regimes since the 1970s…
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Turkey military and islamists
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Download file to see previous pages retained the leadership for three consecutive terms without being overthrown by the military or being removed through the intervention of a constitutional court since multipartism in 1946. The conflict between political parties and the military have destabilized Turkey’s leadership over a long period.
The fight between the constitution and Muslim religion has characterized the politics of Turkey. Turkey is officially a secular state as per the provisions of the constitution and their traditions. The constitution governs the activities of the political parties; it provides that any anti-secular political party can be banned by the constitutional court. An Islamic movement started finding its way in the country’s politics in the 1980s in an effort to fight for the economic inequality in the country. The movement has stood in favour of Islamic democracy based on the Islamic Sharia law and has attempted to bring these aspects in the Turkish politics. The military has intervened severally to bring down the extremism by some of these parties. The current leadership by the Justice and Development party has veered off from the stands that were upheld by the previous regimes. The party has Islamic roots but its ideologies have helped it in retaining leadership in the country that has seen intensive military confrontation with the Islamic parties. Erdogan has been pro-west and has distanced his party from any religious inclination, an aspect that has helped the party remain in harmony with the constitutional provisions.
The history of the rise of Islamic politics and the military engagements dates way back in the early 20th Century. Kemalism is an ideology that has been developed from the founder of the country, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk . In the process of its development, the country made a number of changes including an education system that focussed on the pre-Islamic civilizations of the Turkish people. The reforms that were made did not deter the people from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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