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Describe the emergence of transitional political islam - Essay Example

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The emergence of transitional political Islam arouse after the fall of dictatorships that occurred in the Middle East and North Africa in which the Arab spring protested in 2011, paving way for the Islamist party to enjoy the government. This was a very important step for the…
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Describe the emergence of transitional political islam
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The Emergence of Transitional Political Islam The Emergence of Transitional Political Islam Introduction The emergence of transitional political Islam arouse after the fall of dictatorships that occurred in the Middle East and North Africa in which the Arab spring protested in 2011, paving way for the Islamist party to enjoy the government. This was a very important step for the Islam because it had faced get tyranny in the past by ruling governments. After the emergence of the transition that occurred in the Middle East and North Africa enabling the Islamic political to expand its territory in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. In the event of the emergence of the transitional political Islam, the Arab Spring protested increased the influence of the Islamic parties among several countries that has seen dissipated power. The paper reviews the emergence of transitional political Islam in the Middle East and North Africa during the Arab Spring.
The resurgence of Islam is closely associated with the crushing of military defeats of Arabic countries that suffered in the hands of the hands of Israeli forces in 1967. After the fail of the military in Arab resulted into the Islamic revival that grow to challenge nations in the Middle East and North Africa (Barton et al, 2014). According to Howard (2010), the exodus of these began with the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that found in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna that became very influential in religious and political sector. The Muslim Brotherhood movement gained popularity among the Islam as it addressed issues affecting and threatening Muslim societies such as westernization, secularization and materialism. However, the movement did not last long before it suffered a terrible blow, for instance during the rule of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in Egypt that was followed by onslaught of the Muslim brotherhood movement. The effect was evident across several nations such as Tunisia where the Islamist Ennahda party lost election.
The Arab Spring protest came as a surprise to Islamic bodies bringing many unanswered issues to light such as religious and political differences. Islamist had a difficult moment addressing the issue among different people because of the delicacy of the matter as it included varied constituencies requiring different things (McCormick, 2012). However, the Islamists from most of the Middle East States who are ruled by autocratic regimes who gains power by denying the Islamists a popular vote that brutally suppresses of both the leaders and followers. In the same spirit, this has escalated autocracy among nations in the Middle East increasing the influence of the movement. Mainstream Islamists found in different countries where most have reconciled with the Westphalia but remain rigid on the nation’s purpose.
In the current era, the Islamic movement is used as conventional shorthand as well as Islamic revival in the Middle East termed as ‘jihadist backlash’ that is viewed as threat to the Western countries as the Islam creates global jihad. For instance, a nation like Turkey during the 2004 election was worried about the military coup as it was still under massive power of Islamists and feared discussing issues about religion as it avoided getting itself in the wrong books. Nevertheless, once the military was ignored and left out in the matters of ruling then the judiciary was neutralized, Turkey was able to run without fear of begin fought (Mietzner, 2009). This is applicable in most cases where political parties are involved, as they tend to represent their ideological preferences whenever an opportunity arises.
Incorporation of norms from the Arab Spring is capable to transfer into a system and lead to successful governance without threatening the integrity of a democratic transition. However, it is not clear yet how the Islamic movement influences ruling because Tunisia as the only country but currently Islamist are not in power and the time they were in power were forced to step down (Haykel, 2010). On the other hand, Turkey was the nation that experienced firsthand by Islamists coming into power through democracy but resulted in greater fear of Islamist consolation of power.
In conclusion, it is evident that the major issue that contributes to the fear among the nation is the nature and desire of Islamists in Islamizing nations in one way or another. This continues to instill fear as Islamists are capable of changing the nature of the country as well as the citizens.

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