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Turkey political system - Term Paper Example

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The AKP Party runs the current Turkey government. Turkey gained its independence in 1922. Ataturk is recognized as the nation’s war hero. Turkey’s government transactions continue to change until today…
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Turkey political system
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Download file to see previous pages One of the non-Muslim communities is the Greek community. Another community is the Armenian community. A third community is the Jewish community. Recognition of these communities is in line with Turkey’s compliance with the Lausanne Treaty. The Turkey nation includes other homogenous communities. The community includes the 15 million member Kurdish community. Furthermore, the other Turkish groups included immigrant communities. One of the communities is the Circassian community. A second community is the Albanian community. A third community is the Bosnian community. Georgia is another community. Moreover, the Turkish community is ruled by several political parties. One of the parties is the Justice and Development Party (AKP). The Islamic AKP party is a conservative party that espouses democratic ideals. The AKP government’s cultural and societal policies implements democratic religious concepts. Mustaf Kemal “Ataturk” and his Turkey-based concepts (Ataturk Movement) Mustafa Kemal or Ataturk is recognized as one of Turkey’s well known leaders. He founded the Republic of Turkey (Crossland, 1). Ataturk did not espouse the philosophical theories of Karl Marx. He did not propagate the political theories of Lenin. In fact, Ataturk did not directly espouse any philosophical theories. He never borrowed any philosopher’s theories. Moreover, Ataturk did not even create his own unique philosophies. Ataturk was more of a manager than a thinker. Ataturk was more of a pragmatist. Further, Ataturk did not imitate some of the Brazil government leaders’ positivism philosophies. A pragmatist is a person who decides on a case to case basis, not based on standard policies, theories, philosophies or procedures. Ataturk was a down to earth or practical leader. Ataturk...
Turkey today is embroiled in a territorial dispute with the neighboring Cyprus government. The issue arose between the Greek government leaders and Turkey’s AKP government leaders, in terms of their Eastern Mediterranean hydrocarbon mining. The Greece government ordered the establishment of an exclusive economic zone. Turkey’s AKP government felt the establishment of the zone was economically disadvantageous to the Turkish nation. Mining quarrel focused on the drilling of oil in the area. The democracy will produce de-bureaucratization and de-securitization of the Greek and other foreign issues. Further, Turkey’s AKP government prioritized creating cooperation and camaraderie with its Muslim neighbors. Turkey contributed its share to the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. Turkey’s President Sezer visited Damascus to create close ties with its neighbors. The AKP government’s beneficial relations with Syria irked the United States. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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