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This paper "The Slow Death of Slavery" examines the lives of American slaves in the 19th century. The document focuses on two particular approaches to the nature of the slave and the general concept of mastery and servitude which grounded psychological anti-slavery campaigns…
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The Slow Death of Slavery
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The Slow Death of Slavery
This paper examines the lives of American slaves in the 19th century. The document will focus on two particular approaches to the nature of slave and the general concept of mastery and servitude which grounded psychological anti-slavery campaigns. Firstly, focus will seek to establish that white Americans were at fear with the growing attention of anti-slavery attitudes. This will seek to reflect on the poor performance of newspaper advertisements on slave trade in termination.
Why would southern whites take greatest in slave babies?
There are two substantive arguments to establish the validity of this statement. Firstly, the consideration that babies presented the next generation was a strong factor which threatened southern whites. This reflection was based on the fact that babies, who in this case, were typical Americans, were presumed to at one point carry out a brutal Negro revenge. The viscosity presented by the whites through denying the black basic rights was ill registered by the growing children community (Burton, 43). The whites were monitoring any presumed big brains amongst the babies. Secondly, it is imperative to consider that slave trade was already disowned by the world. Therefore, there was a necessity to retain the available slaves by taking care of the young generation In this case, numbers mattered.
Would the descriptions of runaway slaves found in newspaper advertisements in 1844 have truly helped in identifying the runaways? Explain why or why not.
Yes they could have helped identifying runaway slaves for sale; firstly, it is appropriate to acknowledge that the print media was much established in 1844. Again, the description included in the newspaper did have names, plantation affiliation and in some cases images with basic bibliography of slaves, strengths, weakness and discipline attitude. These were appeared to be successful approaches towards identifying runaway slaves. However, this was not the case, since the runaway slaves’ campaign attracted criticism from the liberal ideologist communities. The newspaper ads were interested in communicating to the public about the will to buy or sell a slave. The general effort to end buying of slaves was spearheaded by several activists in the quest to establish equal presentation. The world by then was actively looking on methods to put an end to slave trade; thus, the newspaper ads were irrelevant.
This paper has attempted to establish that slavery lost clout at the middle of 19th century in America. The document has successfully combined the aspect of fear exhibited by resulted to the rampant newspaper advertisements of desires to sell slaves, which in this case were inopportune.

Work Cited
Burton, Annie. Memories of Childhood's Slavery Days. New York: Tredition Classic, 2013.
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The Slow Death of Slavery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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