Hardships of Slavery in the 1800s - Essay Example

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In the paper “Hardships of Slavery in the 1800s” the author analyzes a system where people are used as commodities for sale and forced to provide labor under the severe condition. During the colonial era, the slaves were brought from Africa and Asia to work in American plantations…
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Hardships of Slavery in the 1800s
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Download file to see previous pages The Slaves were treated as animals and therefore not entitled to freedom On the other hand; men farmed, herded animals and served in the colonial armies. Slaves were treated as animals and therefore not entitled to freedom. In most parts of the world, slavery was perceived as a means of accumulating wealth and social status.
 The slaves went through severe challenges and harsh treatment by their masters. In fact, they were forced to work under the scorching sun and severely whipped. The slaves were worked to death regardless of their health condition. They slaves succumbed to severe ailments such as smallpox, tuberculosis, typhoid among others. Enslaved women were sexually harassed by their masters (Kempadoo 6). Despite the many hardships, African slaves were in the highest demand to work in the plantations. This was fueled by the perception that African slaves were immune to severe tropical diseases than slaves from other continents. It was believed that Africans were more experienced in the agricultural field than people other continents. Additionally, African slaves were considered to be muscular and could tolerate adverse climate and hard labor, unlike slaves from other races. African slaves were captured through various ways, for instance, the Europeans enticed them with gifts and false promises. The slaves were as well auctioned in an open market just like common commodities (Orlando 149). Some Africans who failed to meet their debts were sold to pay the debt. Additionally, the Europeans initiated wars between African communities to weaken them and attacked them once they become defenseless. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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