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The English Immigration Policy: A Critical Review - Essay Example

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An essay "The English Immigration Policy: A Critical Review" outlines that the economic conditions of British community are challenging and difficult because the country cannot effectively manage the aftereffects of a semi-permanent global recession (Jones & Macloed 1999). …
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The English Immigration Policy: A Critical Review
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Extract of sample "The English Immigration Policy: A Critical Review"

Download file to see previous pages The national security forces are engaged in patrolling the shoreline of the country so that illegal immigration can be reduced in terms of intensity and volume. Historically, the English policy towards managing illegal immigration was quite lenient but with the passage of time, as economic conditions got worse then, the immigration policy tightened. The governmental offices do not waste much time in deporting the illegal visitors so that population growth should be kept under control. The national per-capita income reduced significantly during the past few years. The drop-down of per-capita income is considered a direct response towards the national level failure of the country in making a switch from industrialization to services. The English administrators and government are notorious for their egoistic attitudes and therefore, they attempted to carry out industrialization and services in a parallel while, failing to keep their cost advantage intact in the global market. The English and American products were literally beaten up by the Chinese ones in the boundary-less marketplace (Nolan 2001). The American industrialists responded to the challenge effectively by outsourcing their productions to China whereas, the English business professionals falsely tried to save their national pride. The consequences of a wrong and unduly enforced strategic choice are becoming obvious in terms of lowering Gross Domestic Product and per-capita income (Nolan 2001).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The English Immigration Policy: A Critical Review Essay”, n.d.
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