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Immigration: The Case for Limits - Literature review Example

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This review reveals a critical response to the article titled "Immigration: The Case for Limits" written by David Miller. In this paper with the evaluation of the work of eminent writers, it has been argued that immigration is indeed for both the immigrants and the host countries…
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Extract of sample "Immigration: The Case for Limits"

Download file to see previous pages The immigration is helpful in the economic development of the host country. The justice system can be altered to make it accommodate the immigrants and this can leads to global development. Immigration is helpful for the overall development of the global economy and society. Therefore, the paper argues against the views expressed by David Miller in his article and concludes that immigration is necessary for the overall development of the economy.
Immigration has been one of the major problems in recent years. There has been extensive immigration from the less developed nations to the developed countries of the world. Most of the immigration takes place in the countries of Europe and the USA. This presents a big problem for these countries and also the immigrants in the integration of immigration in society and giving them economic independence. There are also various benefits of immigration for these countries as it helps in the development of the economic condition of both the immigrants and the host country. A huge debate exists on the benefits and ill effects of immigration. The article by David Miller published in the book “Contemporary debate in applied ethics” in 2005 dwells on the fact of the immigration in various countries and the problems faced by the countries due to the immigration. The immigrants in different countries face various problems like low wages and violation of human rights. In addition to this, the country where the immigration takes place suffers economically and the condition of the society suffers. There are religious differences, which result in ethnic clashes. The immigration brings in new ideologies in the society, which are different from that of the existing conditions in the country. There have been quite a few attempts made by the Governments of various countries to restrict the immigration in these countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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