The South Vindicated from the Treason and Fanaticism of the Northern Abolitionists (1836) - Assignment Example

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He mentions that the bible is full of slavery and yet, Jesus nor any other biblical character, spoke out against it. This means that the institution…
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The South Vindicated from the Treason and Fanaticism of the Northern Abolitionists (1836)
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Due The South Vindicated from the Treason and Fanaticism of the Northern Abolitionists (1836 What does the author offer as proof that man had the right "to hold his fellow-man in bondage"?
The author believes that man has a right to hold others as slaves because it has been done since the beginnings of civilization. He mentions that the bible is full of slavery and yet, Jesus nor any other biblical character, spoke out against it. This means that the institution of slavery is not perceived by God as a negative institution but a perfectly natural and socially acceptable one. He believes that there has always been a class of slaves and calls of superiors that arbitrate the lives of others. It is perfectly natural and that abolition beliefs are completely detrimental and false representation of the biblical teachings.
2. Why does the author argue that the slave of the South was better off than the laborer of the North?
He explained the life of a poor laborer in the north is far worse than the life of a southern salve. A northern poor laborer might work hard, unrelenting jobs under horrific conditions and still not make enough income to support himself and his family. He may do this his whole life and never come up in the world or provide for his loved ones. He shares that the experience of a southern slave is much more secure. Although they are work hard and tirelessly, they are provided comfortable living arrangements, proper food, and better hygiene and treatment of sickness than the northern worker would ever receive. A slave has fewer worries in life and security, the author believes that the slave’s existence is far more attractive than that of a northern laborer.
3. What are his arguments against educating slaves?
He believed that educating slaves was dangerous and unfair. It is dangerous for slaves to be influenced by the false messages of abolitionists would rile them up and make them eager to seek freedom, which in turn would force southern whites to take greater and stricter measures to keep the salves in line. By educating them would be to, potentially, expose them to information that will only misinform them and lead them down a path that will only end in punishment and pain.
4. How effective is the argument that slavery had allowed Southerners—rather than Northerners—to embody more fully the virtues of the republic?
He believes that the southern way of life is more a reflection of what human beings should be like. Because slavery relieves the white man from the day-to-day labors and basic necessity concerns, like food, income, and shelter, they can focus on more important things. Many men had more time to involve themselves in politics and educating themselves. All white men in the south are equal to all other men because there is no labor class per say as in the north. This country was founded on the principals that all men are created equal. The south believes that statement only applies to the white man. Therefore the universal mentality of equality in the south is closer to the founding fathers; intention then what is seen in the north. However, in the north the poor man and the rich man are not treated as equal.
5. Is the author against the methods as well as the goal of abolitionism? Why?
Yes, he sees the goals and information of the abolitionist movement to be false and foolish goal. He believes that eliminating the slave industry in the south would bring down the whole countries economy. The north was dependent more on the slave south than the south was on the north. He believed that, as mentioned, the goals of educating and freeing black slaves is unfair to them and their place in the world and would only make it worse for them in the end. He believed that the south takes good care of its slaves and offer them a better life than a poor man in the north; they do not see any reason to burden slaves with an education that they cannot ever expect to use. As a southerner he is determined to protect his perspectives and his way of life. Read More
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