How did the abolitionists proposals and methods differ from those of earlier antislavery movements - Essay Example

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The study would aim at answering these research questions: How did the abolitionist’s proposals and methods differ from those of earlier antislavery movements? Why did those proposals and methods arouse such hostility in the South and in the North?…
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How did the abolitionists proposals and methods differ from those of earlier antislavery movements
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Abolitionist movement was an attempt made to eradicate the concept of slavery in a country. This movement was initiated in United States of America. The proposal believed in the fact that all individuals possess equal rights. Abolitionists in due course of time became stringent in their demand particularly towards slave owners.
Difference between abolitionists’ proposals & earlier antislavery movements
Abolitionist method is different from that of antislavery movements. The basic idea behind these two movements was to end slavery from the nation. Abolitionism at times is also referred to as antislavery activism. Antislavery movement was politically grounded but abolitionism method was a social reform movement. Abolitionist method was focused on making slavery a moral issue. Anti-slavery movement was widely unorganized before 1833. A wide array of societies were scattered such as Pennsylvania Abolition Society and New York City Manumission Society. This movement was supported by the Federal Government. To great extent antislavery movement was successful though it faced strict opposition from abolitionists. Liberty Party and Foreign and American Anti-Slavery Society were established to carry forward such antislavery movement. There were great expectations from both political parties such as Whigs and Democrats. Abolitionist movement was more of a religious movement that originated from Protestantism (Rodriguez, 2015). The earlier antislavery movement was totally based on republican values of equality and liberty. Abolitionists’ proposal was inclined towards viewing slavery as a sin and the slave owners as sinners. Abolitionist method had acquired higher energy from Second Great Awakening. As per abolitionist proposal, the act of slavery is considered to be moral sin in Christianity. Hence such act needed immediate abolition instead of consuming more time as in case of earlier antislavery movement.
Reasons behind such proposals arousing hostility
Hostility was witnessed in North and South due to abolitionist movement. Slavery was highly intense in North and South. These regions were already subjected to antislavery movement. Slaves were sold in South and mainly blacks were influenced to exhibit slavery. The new law being passed with the support of abolitionist movement attempted to give freedom to many slaves. Northern slavery was at the verge of being abolished and so there was hostility observed in those regions. African Americans were observed as the most powerful critics in context of slavery. Immediate abolitionism in 1830s raised opposition from South and North. This form of hostility was because of proclamation of equality across the nation. Whites over the years considered blacks to be inferior and categorized them as their slaves (Findling and Thackeray, 2010). However abolitionism proposal indicated that whites and blacks shall be equal in law and marriage. Black equality raised violent backlash from all those slaved based nations which comprised of racism and high unemployment. Individuals residing in South felt that abolitionist method shall lead to a major slave revolt. On the other hand, Northerners were afraid of loss of income and status.
As per the study, abolitionism reflected the moral values associated with ending slavery from the system. To be more precise, political intervention was low in abolitionist proposals and methods unlike earlier antislavery movement. The new era of abolitionism was based on values and beliefs of Christianity.
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