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Modern Japan and Meiji Restoration - Essay Example

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The Japan people believed that Meiji just signified reshuffling of power and that much could not be done since the samurai class would still enjoy…
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Modern Japan and Meiji Restoration
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"Modern Japan and Meiji Restoration"

Download file to see previous pages The Charter Oath, which was promulgated made very democratic and great pledges that would see Japan people being involved in decision making regardless of their social status as well as embracing the natural law of nature. This was a very important step made by the Meiji in transforming Japan people and putting them ready for new improved Japan (Goto-Jones 42-46).
Privileges introduced were absolutely different and were meant to propel Japan into a civilized system of governance. Meiji Restoration was driven by the need to create a very powerful nation with strong political structures that could not be humiliated by the Western powers simply because their system of governance was exotic compared to the Westerners’. The new administration wanted the Western powers to respect Japan and treat them as equal partners and as a way of reducing humiliation brought about by unequal treaties. Influence on demands of foreign powers was imminent in Japan and therefore it was significant for japan to institute strong legal and political system (Goto-Jones 42-46).
Indeed, the new government fought tirelessly to stop cultural imperialism that was imposed by the Western powers and in the end, treaties were renegotiated after riots and protests in Japan. Japan now had a formal constitution that governed them and there was evidence of imperial power in Japan. They even managed to organize a civilized military power, which was used in defeating powerful China (Goto-Jones 42-46).
Generally, the reforms in Japan during Meiji Restoration were as a result of both domestic and international pressures. The regime was pressurized to form their own state because of the powerful foreign forces, which they were not pleased with. Yes, there was need to remain an independent state and this was even part of the Tokugawa project. Traditional Japanese injustices and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Modern Japan and Meiji Restoration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Modern Japan and Meiji Restoration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Modern Japan and Meiji Restoration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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Modern Japan the midst of countless struggles during the Meiji era which inspires both humanity and mortality. In the Japanese history the Meiji era was a time when Japan embraced the Western culture which wrapped over its own. As such, the Japanese strive to conform to Western influence. In the effort to adopt the western culture, women were given more freedom during this era and their roles in society redefined giving more importance to their status. In another literary piece of conformity is a novel by Gail Bernstein entitled "Haruko's World" that tells of a story of a young woman married to the Crown Prince of Japan. Such an event in the Japanese society is indeed a...
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Modern History of Japan the Tokugawa shogunate with annual production capacity of about 1,500 tons. It became privately owned in 1871 following the industrialisation initiated by the Meiji restoration. In 1877 it became the property of Furukawa Ichibei, and by the 1880s production had increased dramatically, reaching 4,090 tons by 1885, 78 % of the total output of the Furukawa mines and 39 % of Japan’s copper production. The major pollution problem associated with Ashio Copper Mine was the destruction of water ecosystem due to copper poisoning of ground water caused by flooding and drainage (Gros, par. 5). In 1884, massive tree blighting occurred because of discovery of large copper ore...
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...Modern History of Japan Introduction Meiji Restoration happened in 1868 when the Meiji emperor and the Oligarchy formed by Kyoto aristocrats aroundhim. The Shogunates and the samurais had lost their hold on the people since most of them felt that the samurais are living like parasites on the general public. Inadvertently, by providing peace to the country, samurais had helped the farmers to bring in an agricultural revolution by making the farmers wealthy. In addition to that, a proto-industrial employment to the farmers during the lean season also made them richer. This was noticed by the samurais and they tried to increase the taxation on the farmers....
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...21 December 2007 Modern History of Japan Describe the ideas of the right-wing radicals of the 1930s. The general idea held on by the right wing radicals is the advancement of the plight of the countryside. Advocating agrarianism, the right-wing activists of Japan are also “alarmed by the spread of ‘degenerative habits’ and ‘dangerous ideas’ in the cities like the hedonistic doctrine of individualism and divisive ideas of class struggle” (Tipton 115). The origin of right-wing activists is therefore geared into addressing the social and economic problems which is brought about by rapid industrialization. This group asserts that the solution of these problems is the retention and revival...
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...MEIJI Few countries have undergone the sort of extraordinary political, educational, economic changes as those undergone by Japan during the period between approximately 1868-1912. The period began with the opening of Japan by Matthew Perry’s Black Ships in Tokyo Bay, and effectively ended with Japan on the verge of the becoming the single most important colonial power in Asia. The Meiji Restoration cannot be underestimated as defining modern Japan. To begin with, let us examine its political impact. Adopting various Western influences, Japan in this period began to shift from a feudal society to one that was more capitalist and Western oriented. The government grabbed a lot of power by imposing conscription on its citizens... and by...
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...The Meiji Restoration as a Revolution The Meiji Restoration is one of the major events that played a vital role in the modernization of Japan. The Meiji Restoration is the term used to define the revolution that saw an end to the reign of Tokugawa and the reinstallation of the emperor of Japan. This restoration, which is also known as Meiji Ishin, happened in the second half of the 19th century. Before this restoration, Japan was governed through a feudal system by leaders who went by the title of Tokugawa. The last of...
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Japan: Meiji Restoration and the rise of Japan (1853-1905)
...the Emperor once more (Shepley, 52). It s of critical significance to acknowledge the fact that the Meiji Restoration led to several changes in Japan. Some of these changes were experienced in the political structure of Japan. In addition, Meiji restoration brought several changes in the social structures of Japan. Other than the above, the Meiji restoration also led to the eruption of Meiji period as well as spanned the Edo period (Perez, 41). It is of critical significance to state that the Meiji period reigned from the year 1868 to the year 1912. This...
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...The Meiji Restoration The Meiji Restoration, in the history of Japan, is a period that can be well defined as apolitical revolution that saw the downfall of Tokugawa shogunate, therefore restoring the steering of the country to its former imperial rule, led by Emperor Meiji. This period brought about an era major social, political and economic changes in Japan marking the period famously known as the Meiji period (1868-1912). The leaders that spearheaded the restoration were mostly young Samurai who rose from the feudal domains, known to have resisted the Tokugawa...
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...that it could be better received by those who did not understand foreign languages. Through translation, Japanese students did not have to go through the trouble of learning foreign languages in order to understand what they were taught and this ensured that Japan developed swiftly into a modern state without necessarily losing its national characteristics.2 It is through the sound policies of the Meiji government that the country was able to modernise without losing its Confucian background and this was done through discouraging the use of foreign languages in education and instead using only Japanese. Translation allowed for useful works to be adapted to a local context and this was...
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...the purge was pretty successful at removing high ranking samurai from office, it was not popular and Ii Naosuke was assassinated. As a consequence of his assassination, the Bakufu leadership returned to those who had been purged in the first place, so the final result was the opposite of what Ii Naosuke intended. 5. Cite 2 important continuities over the Bakumatsu-Meiji transition period. One continuity that is somewhat counter-intuitive is the fact that, despite nominal rule by the Bakufu during the Bakumatsu, much of the political power in both periods was held by those outside the traditional higher-ranking samurai. Another continuity is that much effort in both periods was spent on trying to...
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