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The Meiji Restoration - Research Paper Example

To begin with, let us examine its political impact. Adopting various Western influences, Japan in this period began to shift from a feudal society to one that was more capitalist and Western oriented. The government grabbed a lot of power by imposing conscription on its citizens and by abolishing old classes of citizens. The emperor gained a lot of power from the landowners during this period.
The emperor felt very strongly about education during this period and he instated mandatory education for children. He felt it would create more informed citizens. He also believed it would be an effective way of instilling national honour.
The Meiji period saw many Western advisors come to Japan to tell them how to improve and modernize their economy. The textile and manufacturing industries were dramatically improved under this advice. Japan began for the first time to look out to the world for opportunity—both in terms of technology and trade. Since then, Japan has never looked back.

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The Battle of Nanshan
A Battle Study: The Battle of Nanshan . The ambitious objectives of two powerful nations, Russia and Japan, spawned enough conflict in 1904 that war appeared to be the single and most appropriate solution. Japan, emerging from the Meiji Restoration with a Westernized military preparation and inundated with dreams of expansion, and Russia, trying to spread out their supremacy in the East, eventually staged the historical Russo-Japanese War (Sakurai 1999).
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
The Samurai of Japan: Warriors, Mercenaries, and Loyal Servants
Within this class system were those called “samurai”, fierce and dangerous warriors that were employed by those known as daimyo, or aristocracy, during a time of Japanese history when, despite being under the rule of an emperor with a central government, the actual power of the country was divided between feuding families whose never-ending squabbles put the country into a near-constant state of siege (Louis and Ito 30).
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China's Qing Dynasty and its Collapse
The Qing Dynasty which started in 1644 and lasted till 1912 was the last imperial dynasty in China in a line of many including the Zhou, Han, Tang, Song and Ming dynasties before the government of the Republic of China took over. An empire that ruled one of the biggest territories in Asia fell in 1912, and this can be attributed to several issues.
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How important was the Meiji Emperor in shaping the era of change over which he reigned
He was referred as the emperor of the enlightened rule due to his reforms, which earned him more fame thus making his way into the Japanese books of history. Owing to his long stay in power, he witnessed the transition of the country from insignificant position to among the top world superpowers.
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
Samurai Warriors
It is a common fallacy to think of the Samurai as fierce warriors, since the best of them were great visionaries who pursued spiritual, artistic and cultural endeavors apart from their regular, prescribed duties.
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Also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is currently a leading economic supremacy and is a major exporter and importer. The archipelago of Japan is a group of 6, 850 islands lying on the Pacific Ocean. Together the four major
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History of Architecture
The major aspects of the Japanese architecture are the utilization of the wood and stones. As the major portion of the country is influences by the cyclones that came ones or twice a year,
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Modern Japan and Meiji Restoration
The samurai class took themselves ethnocentric thus culminating the public with the ethnocentrism idea. Japan people were very pessimistic and they did not expect much from the Meiji regime. The Meiji Restoration had a huge responsibility of
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Japan: Meiji Restoration and the rise of Japan (1853-1905)
Thus, the result was relatively weak economic power. As a result, of weak economies, such nations had not the ability to acquire
6 pages (1500 words)Research Paper
Japanese history - The Meiji Restoration
The leaders that spearheaded the restoration were mostly young Samurai who rose from the feudal domains, known to have resisted the Tokugawa
2 pages (500 words)Essay


Few countries have undergone the sort of extraordinary political, educational, economic changes as those undergone by Japan during the period between approximately 1868-1912. The period began with the opening of Japan by Matthew Perry’s Black Ships in Tokyo Bay, and effectively ended with Japan on the verge of the becoming the single most important colonial power in Asia. The Meiji Restoration cannot be underestimated as defining modern Japan…
The Meiji Restoration
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