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What factors best explain the fact that Buddhism gained ground in China as it lost ground in India, by the late-classical/early post-classical periods - Essay Example

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There was an increased political unrest in both the regions. Peasants were oppressed in China that resulted in a reaction towards the rulers. Although…
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What factors best explain the fact that Buddhism gained ground in China as it lost ground in India, by the late-classical/early post-classical periods
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"What factors best explain the fact that Buddhism gained ground in China as it lost ground in India, by the late-classical/early post-classical periods"

Download file to see previous pages The nomads established their kingdoms in various parts, hence at around the mid of 5th Century, Buddhism had largely spread all over China. In almost all the regions, it was likely to find out a Buddhist Monastery. It was very obvious that Buddhism had found a strong ground in China by then (Stearns 72-76).
Daoism gained a huge popularity during this period in China, political unrest became a revolution, and it did give rise to the expansion of Buddhism at the same time. It was the time when Confucianism nearly disappeared from China. The association of Daoism with Buddhism and over all organized persona of both led to the consequences where the grounds of Buddhism became even stronger in China. An increased foreign influence over the political unrest in China led to fall of every dynasty within, one after the other and at the same time Buddhism gained an increased popularity all over (Stearns 117-125).
Fall of Gupta dynasty in Indian region, led to the political disintegration all over. Regardless of their endless efforts the Gupta’s could not retain their legacy and the mid of 5th century marked the end to the mighty Gupta legacy. Buddhism was the religion associated with them and their rule had provided it a strong ground in India. Their fall led to the formation of various governments by different dynasties within India. Primarily the dynasties that were taking over had Hinduism as their main religion. The Buddhist influence started to vanish along with the Gupta dynasty. Huns were invading various parts of India around the same period, by the time Gupta dynasty had completely collapsed; Huns had managed to take over a few areas (Stearns 72-77).
Buddhism further started to lose its hold on India, when Hinduism started to gain popularity amongst Huns and along with them it expanded across the region. With the passage of time, Hinduism became the ruling religion in India leaving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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