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As "enlightened" School of Public Affairs students, in your opinion, how much of that criticism is actually justified? Use two or more…
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Current Event #3
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History and Political Science Current Event #3 Based on information from the lectures and textbook, why have bureaucracies become a target for ridicule or condemnation in our society? As "enlightened" School of Public Affairs students, in your opinion, how much of that criticism is actually justified? Use two or more examples or personal observations to substantiate your opinion.
Bureaucracies are increasingly been targeted for condemnation in the society due to the set of attributes that bureaucrats are involved in; thus, they are considered to be engaged in self-serving behaviors. Therefore, they are depicted to be seeking protection for their psyches, given they are subjected to frustration due inability to achieve their personal objectives. In this case, this notion has led to association of bureaucracy with the negative perception concerning the phenomenon of bureau pathology is justified. For example, bureaucrats are not willing to listen to ideas from other employees; instead, they make decisions that may end up affecting the organization and the entire organization takes the blame. Another example is a case involving a person presents matters to be addressed by the administration; he or she has to wait for a long process that may end up discouraging them.
2) Discuss to what extent "red tape" is a natural and intended characteristic of bureaucratic organizations and whether the fault lies with the laws, the system, the organizations executives or the employees. Use at least two examples or personal observation to justify your response.
Red tape is term frequently invoked to represent organizational operations that are perceived to be wasteful and redundant, self-serving and inconvenient; in fact, it is considered the worst connotation of bureaucrats (Bozeman, 245). Red tape is considered to intend attribute of bureaucratic organization and this caused by the system in the organization; the system in bureaucratic organizations may have some regulations that require employees and executives to follow certain procedures that are not necessary; thus, this may led to wastage of resources but they are not to blame (Bozeman, 245). For example, there are organizations that do not have delegation of any decisions, even the simplest once that require application of logic by employees; in that case, this leads to waste of time in decision-making. Another example where a manager is expected to make decision and this has to be subjected to a long chain of officials leading to wastage of time and resources.
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Current Event #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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