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The British Mandate - Research Paper Example

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The British Mandate is the entering of the British forces into Jerusalem, and its cities thereby leading Israel to surrender its war victors on the December 9, 1917 (Miller 153). These actions were done literally by General Allenby who led the British forces from Jaffa Gate that…
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The British Mandate
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Extract of sample "The British Mandate"

The British Man The British Man is the entering of the British forces into Jerusalem, and its citiesthereby leading Israel to surrender its war victors on the December 9, 1917 (Miller 153). These actions were done literally by General Allenby who led the British forces from Jaffa Gate that in turn led to a Victory convoy. Notably, this action led to the end of the four century glorious Ottoman – Turk Empire thereby leading to a thirty year British rule. Between January and June 1919, there was a Paris peace conference was held and from the conference, the Mandate system was born, and it was documented into the Article 22 of the Convent of the League of Nations. The article stated that nations that were unable to hold their own government were to be given under the trust or leadership of advanced countries that were willing and capable of handling the affairs of such states until such states could have gained enough strength to operate their own government affairs (Miller 162). The concepts of the Article 22 were approved, and later in June 1919, the same concepts were taken to the Treaty of Versailles.
However, it should be noted that, in April 1920, executives from different countries questioned how the Treaty of Versailles was to be executed. This led to deciding of the roles of the mandates among different allies countries, and such roles were decided by the supreme council. The Mandates in the Middle East were decided and demined by adopting what was considered the basic features of Sevres. The British was allotted the administrative control of the Palestine leading to the naming of the territory as “the British Mandate of Palestine (Miller 124).” However, in July 1920, the mandate’s civil administration took over the military and named Jerusalem the capital city.
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Miller, Rory. Britain, Palestine, and Empire: The Mandate Years. Farnham, Surrey, England: Ashgate, 2010. Print.
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The British Mandate Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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