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The conflict in the Middle East - Essay Example

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One of the complex issues in the world today and of interest to both enemy and foe as well as the rest of the world is the conflict in the Middle East. This conflict pits two sovereign states and this is Israel and the Palestinian state…
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The conflict in the Middle East
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"The conflict in the Middle East"

Download file to see previous pages Similarly, international relations are concerned with how countries in the world relate to each other and the impact of that relation and whether it is beneficial or destructive. In essence international relation is meant to bring mutual cooperation amongst countries. Before we go further we need to know in a nutshell the history and the nature of Israeli Palestinian conflict. This conflict began in the late 19th century, but the conflict turned into a nasty during the early 1990s with both sides employing the use of artillery that resulted in many deaths from both sides. Consequently as the aggression increased so did the human suffering and this definitely caught the attention of the world thus the need to find a lasting solution to the issue. Historical accounts indicate that the Jews were displaced from the land which they were occupying formerly known a Canaan through continuous conflict with its neighbors. During the 14th century, the Ottoman Empire had conquered the whole of the Middle East. Thus all the peoples of this region came under the Ottoman rule and during the First World War the Ottomans sided with the Germans while on the other hand the British supported an Arab uprising against the Ottomans. The British did this with the promise that they were then going to give the Arabs independence and thus self rule. Of importance to note at this point is that the British also promised to give the Jews who were scattered the world over a homeland in the Palestine. After the war, a declaration known as the Belfour declaration was signed by the British foreign secretary Arthur Balfour. The declaration stated its support for...
The conflict in the Middle East

The American- Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (2013), puts the number of Jews killed at 24,841 and that of Palestinians killed at 90,785. This paper will thus be looking at the global position of the Middle East, the two warring states (Israel and Palestine), nature and history of the conflict, cost of the war, current state of the conflict, role of leaders, impact of the conflict, and that of religion in this conflict. The Middle East is a location in the east of the world map and it can also be said to comprise Western Asia. This is a region starting from the northeastern part of Africa to southwestern Asia and southeastern Europe.Several ethnic groups inhabit this area with the largest group being the Arab with Jews, Palestinians, Kurds, and Persians among others being the small ethnic groupings. In spite of being neighbors the two states are in a constant war mode that is detrimental to the populations in both states. Interestingly, part of the Palestinian state is located on the southwest of Israel (Gaza) and the other part is located east of Israel (west Bank). This therefore means that both Israel and Palestinian Gaza have access to the Mediterranean Sea and both share borders with Jordan and Egypt.
There are several reasons that created this conflict which have had negative impacts on populations of both countries, their economies as well as the social order. Numerous attempts have been made by world leaders at bringing this situation under control but results have not as yet been positive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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