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The concept of perpetual migration in book starts with the abduction of Aminata from her home and being taken into slavery. Her first destination was in America. Her parents…
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Download file to see previous pages An African’s survival depended on perpetual migration and adaptation to the conditions one found in the new destination.
On the slave ship, she depended on her skills in midwifery that she had learned from her mother to survive. Her destination in America was South Carolina where she was auctioned off to an indigo plantation. In this plantation, she has to adapt herself to her environment by learning the Buckra language (Hill 345). The aspect of migration here is not only physical and geographical but also mental and psychological. Aminata was forced to migrate from the native challenges of Africa to those of new diseases and illnesses.
Aminata was forced to migrate from the indigo plantation when her master took away her baby. She abandoned her duty of working on the farm, which was the reason her master’s decision to sell her off to Lindo. Her new master treats her as a servant, which is better than a slave was treated. Under this status, she has to pay rent and take care of her own expenses. She has to relocate to Charles town where her new master resides.
The outbreak of the American Revolution brings with it an opportunity for Aminata to escape from Charles town. Her master returns to the Carolinas while Aminata goes back to midwifery for survival. Her knowledge of many languages comes in handy to help her survive in Nova Scotia where she is involved in the writing of the book of Negroes. The book contains the names of blacks who have agreed to fight for the British army.
The British were beaten during the American Revolution and they had to retreat out of the 13 colonies they had in America. They carried with them the black slaves who had fought alongside them in the war. These were the names contained in the book of Negroes. This serves as a reminder of the history of the black community in the USA and a unification factor. Her ability to adapt to different situations is one of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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