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Atlantic slave trade also referred to as transatlantic slave trade involve that the transportation of African people to the European colonies and the New World, through the Atlantic Ocean. Trading in slave in was not only to Europeans but also fellow African sold slaves to other…
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Discuss the effects that the institution of slavery had on Atlantic Civilization
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Download file to see previous pages The Europeans and American colonies were interested in Atlantic slavery because the location was easily accessible and secondly it was cheaper to get slaves. In order to prove the thesis of this paper that slave trade had great impacts on Atlantic, let’s zoom into what happened.
The ancient Egyptian society is well much known for its unique pyramids. The construction of pyramids was done by slaves who worked for long hours under inhumane conditions. Young people especially from the Hebrew community were the ones who were building the pyramids. With the capital punishment of death, they would opt to endure the hardship as the best options. This can be attributed to the reign and era of Pharaoh. These slaves had no right to anything as they were constantly subjected to servitude. Therefore, the results of slavery led to construction of pyramids (Carney, Judith, and Richard, 21).
There was also acquisitions, by African, of European good and commodities, in exchange of human cargo. This is to say that European slave trade terms and conditions demanded that, in exchange for their goods, like guns, cooking utensils, attire and alcoholic drinks, they required slaves rather that gold. As a result of this, merchants, who traded for Europeans, were encouraged to get slaves so that they can exchange with European commodities. Consequently, this desire to acquire European commodities led to slow economic growth in internal trade. This is because, demand for internal commodities went down. On the other hand, the acquisition of guns in both the Central and West Africa enabled establishment of military and political tribes in Africa (Green, 3). Besides trading human for European commodities, some European slave traders exchanged slaves for gold. As a result, there was accumulation of wealth within the European slave trade chatter. With availability of wealth, slave merchants were not only able to facilitate industrial revolutions and capitalist production, but they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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