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According to statistics revealed by Pew in 2001, 29 percent of those interviewed prioritized America’s decision to promote democracy in foreign countries. Nevertheless, a…
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Follow up to S6W4Dq
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MODERATED ISOLATIONISM of Affiliation MODERATED ISOLATIONISM Isolationism remains to be the most preferable path to pursue based on the perception of most Americans. According to statistics revealed by Pew in 2001, 29 percent of those interviewed prioritized America’s decision to promote democracy in foreign countries. Nevertheless, a decade later, this number has dwindled to a mere 13 percent. This trend could partly be motivated by the costs in both blood and treasures which are attributed to military interventions in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan (Bremmer, 2008).
It is also undeniable that isolationism, as proposed earlier, is bound to save America from both the military and financial burdens. However, critical analysis reveals that its implications may not augur well especially in view of the vast interest United States has in the global arena. Taking this into consideration, it is worth noting that the suggestion of intensifying economic and political negotiations, while moderating U.S.’s military presence in foreign countries is the most feasible alternative.
In the debate leading up to the 2012 U.S. presidential elections, Mr. Mitt Romney acknowledged the need of “strong allies” to serve as a deterrent to would-be aggressors. In addition, he was quick to warn that U.S. must be more prescriptive in the manner it deploys its military force on foreign missions. Echoing the same sentiments was President Obama. Obama insisted on the need of U.S. to concentrate “on alliances and relationships” in order to assist the foreign partners to improve their ability to defend themselves. In this, President Obama suggested initiating security training programs as well as equipping them to contain regional conflicts (Robert, 2012).
In conclusion, I find it feasible for U.S. to increase its economic, political and diplomatic ties with other nations. However, its military presence should be moderated to only advisory and training purposes. Also, by working in conjunction with international bodies such the United Nations and African Union, U.S. can save itself from shouldering the financial burdens as the sole promoter of global democratization.
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Follow up to S6W4Dq Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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