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S6W3Dqs - Essay Example

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America was found on a number of values and principles that are deeply enshrined in its constitution. Key amongst the values is the moral responsibility, first to her citizens, then…
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NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY of Affiliation NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY There is need to embed moral values and principles in in an overall national security strategy. America was found on a number of values and principles that are deeply enshrined in its constitution. Key amongst the values is the moral responsibility, first to her citizens, then to the rest of the world. In emancipation proclamation, Abraham Lincoln calls for equality of treatment of all men regardless of race, gender, religion, place of origin, or social status. Similarly, in pursuit of national interests, the American values advocate for justice and equality based on the internationally recognized laws. The same applies to President Eisenhower’s in his farewell address. In this respect, Henry Kissinger’s remark that “Morality has nothing to do with foreign policy” is totally misplaced and uncalled for. Morality should, as a matter of fact, be part and parcel of the overall national strategy.
Morality has to do with the distinction of good from bad or right from wrong. On the other hand, foreign policy is concerned with the beliefs, attitudes and actions of America towards other countries. Mr. Y (2011), in A National Strategic Narrative clearly articulates the American dream as regards to foreign policy. For instance, the narrative calls upon the United States to pursue it domestic and foreign policies with a unified effort that reflect constancy of purpose (The National Strategy Forum Review, 2010). It further goes on to state that US should pursue her national interest while at the same time allow others to pursue theirs. However, this is pegged on condition that American values are not betrayed. Finally, Mr. Y says that America should seek fair competition and should not hesitate to deter bad behavior. This in itself is a moral position in foreign policy.
Based on personal reflection, the National Strategic Narrative, and a recollection of values enshrined in American constitution, the role of morality in national security strategy cannot be downplayed. Other nations will only respect the position of USA on various matters based on her moral standards.
The involvement of multinationals such as NATO in America national security has greatly boosted the collective power to promote security, curb incumbent threats, as well as protect the American citizens. Such is the case with which NATO and its 27 member states work to promote ideas and peace of the member countries. America is part and parcel of these efforts done by NATO.
Secondly, multinationals work with the American government to advance the shared goals such as promotion of democracy. For instance, in the Balkan countries and Caucasus these interactions has greatly helped deal with democratic transition challenges and also assisted in responding to pressing matters that demand mutual concern (Bartone, 2010).
Through the multinational cooperation, the American government has been able to secure a peaceable environment that promotes trading activities to take place between its people and the neighboring nations. This is clearly seen through its unique cooperation with Mexico through NAFTA and Canada through NATO. Following this, millions of people from concerned countries move across common borders to trade. In addition, this close association has worked to boost the American attempt to address international matter such as economic cooperation and climate negotiations through G-20 (Bartone, 2010).
Nevertheless, the involvement of multinationals in the national security strategy of America has equally had its own disadvantages. For instance, the bureaucracies and plethora of consultations that have to been made result in frustrations at least most of the times. In addition, a suspicion amongst member states of hidden motives has resulted in conflicts of interests. For instance, the move of USA to invade Iraq and its current mission to stem out Al- Qaeda in Afghanistan has been criticized as motivated by its selfish interests. This is especially so as regards to oil (Davis & Shapiro, 2003).
The National Strategy Forum Review. (2010). What is U.S. National Security Strategy? National Security Journal; Winter 2009: Volume 19, Issue 1.
Mr. Y. (2011). A National Strategic Narrative. New York, NY: Prince Town University press.
Bartone, P. T. (2010). Enhancing human performance in security operations: international and law enforcement perspectives. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher.
Davis, L. E., & Shapiro, J. (2003). The U.S. Army and the new national security strategy. Santa Monica, CA: RAND. Read More
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S6W3Dqs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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