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Follow That Dream - Essay Example

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Whether it wants to increase its sales or acquire new customers, it searches for the new ways to achieve their targets through merging with other companies, small and big. However, it usually brings certain risks and…
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Follow That Dream
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Download file to see previous pages The article “Free to innovate” by Christine Canabou illustrates how one company, the Fallon, experienced substantial changes in its life after being purchased by the global advertising giant Publicis Group SA. Notwithstanding its chairman fears for the employees to be left their “home” because it was sold out, the company made all possible to prove that its soul was not going to change. And the company showed that by creating a manifesto that called for breakthrough ideas, such as “to unlock the entrepreneurial hostages within the agency”. New ideas were transformed into a full-blown company initiative- a “Dream Catchers” that gave employees license to be a little selfish and make their dreams come true sooner. One year after the initiative was launched, hundred staffers achieved their dreams (visited museums, ran with bulls etc.). The acquisition was as a strategic move the target of which was to help to achieve ambitious goals that the company could not probably achieve on its own. Today Fallon is a full-service advertising agency with the headquarter in Minneapolis with numerous awards and open marketing boundaries, intranet with the same companys quirky humor, full-fledged division of interactive consulting group and redesigned flagship office that brought a new way of working and grouping people.
The article shows the overall positive picture of the acquisition and does not show any pitfalls that usually happen within the organization. The acquisition is about a change and it is obvious that the Fallon agency had certain changes in the top team. New arrivals and changes in the administrative efficiencies could not stay unnoticed by the staffers. While top teams work closely on key areas in order to improve them, the other areas may be left inactive. While acquisition offers the possibility for entering new markets and expand the company with its portfolio, some cultural issues may cause problems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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