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I would like to cite the two most common deception described by which is best exemplified by the mudslinging of the two rival political person during the last election which is Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The most common form of deception is misleading such as…
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I would like to cite the two most common deception described by which is best exemplified by the mudslingingof the two rival political person during the last election which is Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The most common form of deception is misleading such as the advertisement of Barack Obama’s camp on Romney’s abortion stance that he is against abortion even if it is due to rape and incest. This was misleading because there was no such law – at all. Instead, the ad referred to a hypothetical question from an audience member during a 2007 debate whereby Romney was asked whether he would sign a law to that effect. He said he would but that law does not exist and that he had been clear that he supports exceptions for abortion in cases of rape, abortion and to save the life of the mother.
Romney also employed deception in his attack with Obama with his ad that Obama will raise taxes by $4,000 on American middle class. This was an outright fabrication because Obama is not planning to raise taxes on the middle class to service the debt.
The articles in and also reveal how politicians use false information to make accusations. We can use as an example the most common issue of sequestration which is the spending cuts to arrest the deficit. Republics blamed Obama in in the article The Obamaquester that it will specifically target certain sectors in society. When it was verified in with, this accusation was in fact false because the sequester does not make distinction quoting Obama saying as it “won’t consider whether we’re cutting some bloated program that has outlived its usefulness, or a vital service that Americans depend on every single day. It doesn’t make those distinctions”.
I am no longer surprised why people do not trust politicians after checking these websites. Read More
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