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The Stamp Act: The Coming of the American Revolution - Essay Example

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As the paper "The Stamp Act: The Coming of the American Revolution" outlines, communities must not just be local to form a nation. There can be national, regional or international communities that form a nation. This is the philosophy the binds the United States of America as a nation…
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The Stamp Act: The Coming of the American Revolution
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Extract of sample "The Stamp Act: The Coming of the American Revolution"

As the British government attempted to increase more taxes, tension also increased among the colonies that led to them questioning their relations with Britain to resists such colonial injustices (Great Britain public records 54). Resistance also increasingly arose when the British attempted to raise more revenue from the colonialists.
The unity of the colonies in violence against the British increased as they resisted the colonial ideas of raising more revenue from taxes. Violence becomes regular and eventually, the now united colonies voiced their grievances from a central legislature. This resistance led to a rebellion that consequently led to war (Williams 120). The colonialists formed a national congress through which they expanded their rebellion against Great Britain. The result of such unity was the creation of the colonial military that fought to see a declaration of independence in 1776 to establish the United States of America.

The British underestimated the political consensus existing among the colonialists about the essence of republican government. They also underestimated the ability of the colonialists to organize and inform one another and work together to build bonds of a national community. This ignorance boosted the American rebellion since they organized themselves across the different regions, ethnics and economic conditions (Williams 234). The colonials used newspapers, committees, pamphlets, group protests, and community organizations to discover their shared concerns and to foster a new American identity of independence against the British. Read More
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