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There are many potential causes for this war and a series of events led to this war. The French and Indian war had ended in 1763 and as an after effect the British were deeply in debt…
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Historical Developments
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Historical Developments What historical developments between 1763 and 1775 resulted in increasing tension between the American colonies and Great Britain, which eventually erupted into war?
The American Revolution of 1775 was the war between the united colonies and the Great Britain. There are many potential causes for this war and a series of events led to this war. The French and Indian war had ended in 1763 and as an after effect the British were deeply in debt and hence demanded more taxes from the colonies. The colonies, which had their own legislatures, had many powers which made them independent of the British crown. The colonies over time realized these powers to be their rights and started conflicts against British taxes and laws. This was further intensified when the Royal Proclamation was issued by King George III, prohibiting the colonists to settle beyond the Appalachian Mountains. This was a move to strengthen the British relationships with the Native Americans. Followed by this, there were a number of Acts, namely Sugar Act (1764), Currency Act (1764), Quartering Act (1765) and Stamp Act (1765) increased the duties and taxes of the colonists. When the colonists resisted, these Acts were enforced on them. The Boston Massacre of 1770 ignited the fire between the parties and the colonists used this event to showcase the cruelty of the British. The Intolerable Act (1774) which placed restrictions on meetings and Boston harbor in response to the Boston Tea Party, was a milestone, as it resulted in the colonies forming an Association (First Continental Congress) to boycott British goods in retaliation. The open warfare at Lexington and Concord (1775) resulted in the death of 8 American men and 70 British soldiers. This was followed by all the 13 colonies meeting to form the Second Continental Congress in May 1775 and George Washington was named the head (Gipson, 1954). Thus the growing grievances of the colonists against the restrictions placed by the British, finally resulted in the American Revolution.
Gipson, L. H., (1954). The Coming of the Revolution, Harper Publications, New York Read More
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Historical Developments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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