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Development of the United States - Assignment Example

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The author discusses the process of transition as analyzed by Gordon Wood of how Franklin became a Diplomat and the key economic, political and cultural events that led to the American Revolution. The author identifies the key economic, political, and social results of the American Revolution.  …
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Development of the United States
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Extract of sample "Development of the United States"

Download file to see previous pages Wood points out that some of this opposition may have been calculated to dispel any doubts the might have been over his commitment to the cause of independence. Genuine or otherwise, Franklin’s dedication and criticism of the British soon laid rumors of his being a spy to rest.
Wood underlines how personally involved Franklin was in the cause. He had been blocked from playing an important role in the Empire by British officials and this treatment had led to bitterness and resentment. He, therefore, took any British attacks on America as a personal attack on himself. It is for these reasons that Franklin had abandoned hopes of negotiating with England long before his fellow countrymen. Although he maintained close friendships with his British colleagues, his criticism of the country as a whole was ever increasing. Indeed when his son was exposed as a royalist and arrested, Franklin did not attempt to get him out of prison, such was his belief in the cause of Independence.
Franklin served on the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence and then, in 1776, president of the Pennsylvanian convention which was tasked with writing a new constitution for the state. Pennsylvania and its constitution were regarded by the rest of America as an anomaly, y however, having as Wood points out, a government with a plural executive and a unicameral legislature. The most alarming aspect of Pennsylvania was its un-tempered democracy. Other states preferred to use governors and senators to balance to democracy found in the houses of representatives. Franklin however openly and willingly aligned himself with this simple, unmixed democratic constitution. In this way, Franklin gained his reputation as a Democrat, although this was applied to him as a serious criticism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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