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The present essay deals with the description of the cradle of human civilization, Mesopotamia. It is stated that Mesopotamia is known to be a land surrounded by two rivers, that is, river Euphrates and river Tigris which was on the Northern part of Mesopotamia. …
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Download file to see previous pages Sumerians used the rivers to irrigate their lands, ensuring that there was a constant supply of food for their citizens. The economies of these societies were despotic, with one central figure having a control on all manner of productions. Sumerians is one of the societies found in Mesopotamia. These people used barley, wheat, and silver as the various means of currency (Muntone, 2012). The economic system in Mesopotamia was very easy to control by the leaders of the Sumerians.
For example, if a leader was able to control the production of wheat, then the economic control of Mesopotamia will follow. The Sumerians did not have an economic and social stratification system. On this basis, egalitarianism was the major social organization that was seen throughout Mesopotamia. The Sumerians symbolized deities into the various elements that they had authority over. On this basis, there was the god of the moon, of the sun, of fertility etc. Sumerians were aware of the different properties of the earth, and they modeled these properties in a manner that would make the world to be more personable (Muntone, 2012).
Some of the religious beliefs of the Sumerians are similar to that of the Christians and Jewish religion. For instance, the Sumerians believed that mankind was removed from paradise as a punishment of eating a forbidden fruit. Sumerians also had some knowledge in writings, and much of the knowledge concerning ancient Mesopotamia is found in their clay tablet writings that have survived until now.
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