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The Opium Wars Commentary - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the paper “The Opium Wars Commentary” is to examine the Opium Wars, also referred to as the Anglo-Chinese Warfare. It was a series of two wars between China and three other westerners – Britain, The Unites States and France. The first part of the war took place between 1839 and 1842…
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The Opium Wars Commentary
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"The Opium Wars Commentary"

Download file to see previous pages France, Britain and the United States deployed some of their citizens, as well as their army men, to go and settle in strategic regions of China. This put the country into pressure noting that its sovereignty was being mocked by the three other nations, which had decided to settle without consent in China. China’s endeavor to remove the foreigners from their land was what made the whole process seem like warfare as there were always tensions throughout the land of expected battles.However, even if it seemed that Britain, The United States and France were taking advantage of China’s weakness, China's regime was brutal and corrupt. It executed many of its citizens on trumped up charges and was not worthy of any sympathy. Even as it is correct for critics to argue that wars have been brought about by fewer issues, I believe the Opium Wars was a way of granting Britain the right to sell opium to the Chinese. It was also one of our less epic military ventures. The Chinese, according to the source provided, seem to be quite touchy regarding that part of their history, as torching down the Summer Palace is quite a sore point. Also it would be an oversight for the British regime to push this matter too far as it will weaken China’s reliability when objecting to genuine injustices.Another question that might arise from this topic is how weak the Chinese regime was just to allow the sale of tobacco to their people from other nations. In addition, they were forced to accept the venture without their views being heard. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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