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Due to its great economic value, many countries especially those considered as the first class and NATO members in particular have waged war…
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Opium in afghanistan
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Download file to see previous pages It is because of this use that countries like America have been struggling to control the planting and trade of the plant in general with particular aim of stopping circulation of heroin across the world. Apart from its use as drug, opium also has some medicinal values that will be discussed later in this paper.
Opium has rich history linking it to Britain where cultivation was supported by the various regimes of the countries until the time its effects were detected leading to eventual ban to its cultivation. Though opium is internationally recognized as a product of Afghanistan, the plant was introduced into the country by Alexander the Great (Nawa 3). Upon its introduction, opium was used as medicine and for enjoyment purposes and intercropped with other plants. Further cultivation of opium in Afghanistan escalated in 1979 during invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union.
With its economic viability, many locals indulged into the growing of opium that would later provide funds used to purchase weapons to help in defense against the Soviet. Further escalation of opium trade in Afghanistan links to the poor governance that existed in the country that would not monitor and develop the economy to more sustainable activities. In addition, the opium trade in Afghanistan escalated due to the degradation of the agricultural lands as well as the country’s infrastructure by the long lasted war. This situation left opium as an alternative and affordable source of income that required minimum human handling and storage. The long period of civil wars in the country led to lawless society that saw the development and flourishing of the illegal cultivation of opium.
According to the reports of Nawa, growing of opium has seen integration of otherwise poor and vulnerable families into middle class earners (6). Through growing of opium, many families engaging in the cultivation of the crop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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