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This is because it inspired heroic acts and promoted significant challenges to the British domination of a people that was yearning for freedom and better…
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Proposition paper
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American Civilization to 1877 American Civilization to 1877 The Decline Inequality in America inequality in the revolutionary era is an emotive issue especially with regards to accounts of that era (Young, 1999). This is because it inspired heroic acts and promoted significant challenges to the British domination of a people that was yearning for freedom and better life. Young (1999) wonders how significant players of the revolutionary era that inspired heroic acts like George Robert Hewes could be forgotten immediately after their contributions to the independence of the Nation was complete. The main reason behind this fact is that class inequality was not in decline; in fact, class inequality had made everyone become part and parcel of the struggle against the British crown (Young, 1999). To begin with, poverty had led to constant confrontations with the British as exemplified in the Boston massacre where British soldiers killed five men in a near riot situation. This riot inspired people like George Hewes to get involved in insurgent activities over the next three years including the Boston ‘Tea Party’.
The enhancement of class inequality was also demonstrated in the life of George Hewes when he made shoes for poor people and had to compete with factories in Lynn that produced over 80,000 shoes a year (Young, 1999). In addition, he had to incur debts when he bought his attire for his wedding and would soon be in debt for ten years. This was compounded by the fact that his family had to stay with relatives because of extreme poverty. In such circumstances, it is plausible to argue that there was no decline of the class inequality in the revolutionary era (Young, 1999).
The Persistence of Class Inequality in America
The persistence of class inequality in America is demonstrated in its entirety by two significant factors that Alfred Young notes in his writings of George Hewes’ life. These are the revolutionary/ insurgency spirit, and the daily life of a common man (Young, 1999). To begin with, the development of an atmosphere of tension was not necessarily occasioned by hatred towards the British crown but towards the conditions of living which made people become ever more conscious about the inequalities they experienced. They had to compete with large factories in making common goods and had to endure low wages as demonstrated by the life of George Hewes living with relatives, being in debts because of clothes, and making shoes for a living. Additionally, the frustrations that were exerted on installations of the government and the capitalists such as the harassment of British soldiers in Kings Street in March 1770 and the destruction of tea cargo at the Boston harbor are also indicative of the growth of patriotic politics (Young, 1999). These actions and events were the result of a persisting inequality that made men of working age become frustrated and engage in unlawful activities while protesting their displeasure. Moreover, the response of the colonial government also made it impossible to calm situations as the Boston massacre illustrates (Young, 1999).
The daily lives of ordinary law abiding citizens also puts a sharp focus on the inequalities that persisted. According to Alfred Young, George Hewes was never involved in patriotic politics until the Boston massacre (Young, 1999). His continued frustrations in life in addition to the senseless killings convinced such a law abiding citizen to become a participant in the revolutionary struggle (Young, 1999). This is further demonstration of the inequalities existing in the revolutionary era.
Young, A. F. (1999). The Shoemaker and the Tea Party: Memory and the American Revolution. William and Mary Quarterly, 38(3), 561-623. Read More
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