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These different beliefs are between the Christians and the evolutionists, who are still in controversy with each other. For the…
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What is the nature of the controversy between Christians and evolutionists
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What is the nature of the controversy between Christians and evolutionists? There have been two grounds for the belief of the creation of the world, the universe, the existence of life, and everything that is involved in it. These different beliefs are between the Christians and the evolutionists, who are still in controversy with each other. For the Christians, the Scriptures are the source of authority for the truth in the world and after it. It is with God that the universe begun, from the creation of the world to the creation of man in his own likeness. In this belief, man has a soul and that the souls will commune with God when the right time comes. However, the evolutionists disagree with the spiritual aspect of man and the existence of God. Most of the evolutionists are agnostics or atheist; they believe that the existence of the universe is a never-ending cycle. Evolutionists believe that man is born, has the ability to live and survive, and dies. For them, there is no life after death and that men are created in order to struggle to survive and not to abide from the Scriptures of God; in this case, ethical principles are more important than religious obedience. For the evolutionists, people must be taught with the ethics of the existence of the universe and life per se while the Christians believe that people must learn from the Scriptures in order to gain the life that is set to them after death (Gibbs, 2005). Since time immemorial, these two views have been battling the grounds of the beginning of life and the creation of the earth and the universe. Nonetheless, the nature of the controversy behind is that, up until today, the decision lies within the people.
Gibbs, J. W. (2005). Evolution and Christianity. Whitefish, Montana: Kessinger
Publishing, LLC. Read More
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