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Week 1 Discussion Question - Article Example

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Numerous international relations theories were discussed during the first week of classes, and these included the Realist Perspective Theory, the Liberal Theory, and the Critical Perspectives Theory which consisted of several other theories: historical materialism,…
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Week 1 Discussion Question
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"Week 1 Discussion Question"

Download file to see previous pages However, the most used theory and much discussed in the other readings and videos for the class is the Realist Perspective theory, which talks about THE STATE BEING THE MOST CENTRAL IN THE WORKINGS OF THE SOCIETY, AS WELL AS THE UNIFYING BODY WITH REGARDS TO THE INTERNAL WORKINGS OF THE STATE OR SOVEREIGNTY (Cohn 57). In the exit speech by former US President Dwight David Eisenhower, he discussed the possible EFFECTS THAT COULD HAPPEN SHOULD THE STATE BEFALL UNDER NEGATIVE INFLUENCES including the endangerment of liberty and security, thus the need to enhance both the state’s economic and military defenses (Eisenhower). Karl Marx was also able to explain this kind of centralization of power in smaller terms, such as the case of the capitalist or company-owner and the company’s employees. In the condensed version of Marx’s Das Kapital in Spark Notes, it was explained that THE CAPITALIST HAS THE UPPER-HAND WITH REGARDS TO THE HANDLING OF THE RAW MATERIALS AS WELL AS THE LABOR COSTS, ALLOWING HIM THE ABILITY TO DICTATE BOTH THE PRICE AND THE WAGES OF THE WORKERS (Marx). Mick Brooks also explained the circumstances on how capitalism relies on the realist approaches, such as THE UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH, ESPECIALLY WITH REGARDS TO BOTH THE INCOME-GENERATING METHODS OF COMPANIES AS WELL AS THE INCREASE IN THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR (Brooks). The same was also mentioned by Marilyn Waring in a short film, wherein THE POLITICAL PARTIES GET DICTATED BY THE LARGER COMPANIES IN DOING THEIR BIDDING DUE TO THE SUPPORT THAT THE SAID COMPANIES PROVIDE TO POLITICAL PARTIES, and instead of being able to read what the public wants, the laws mostly cater to the companies and subsequently, the rich folk (Who’s Counting?). Lastly, the same centralization of power in the form of the TEAM-UP OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THE RICH LAND GRABBERS ROBBED THE NATIVE INDIANS IN WHITE EARTH SETTLEMENT OF THEIR OWN LANDS, WHICH IN TURN ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Week 1 Discussion Question Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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