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Discuss British/colonial operations against new france during Queen Anne's war. Elaborate on how both parties viewed the fate of walker's expedition - Essay Example

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Queen Ann’s war was the main conflict that occurred between the English and French forces as a result of previous conflicts in the Americas (Mclay, 2011). Queen Anne’s war was the second major conflict between the French and English forces, with the first one being the one…
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Discuss British/colonial operations against new france during Queen Annes war. Elaborate on how both parties viewed the fate of walkers expedition
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"Discuss British/colonial operations against new france during Queen Anne's war. Elaborate on how both parties viewed the fate of walker's expedition"

Download file to see previous pages was fought in New England, where the English colonies there engaged the French forces, and finally, the English forces based in Newfoundland fought for control of the island with French forces. The efforts that the British forces engaged in included getting support from the Indian tribes that dotted the settlements where the wars were fought. This was coupled with sending reinforcements from the British mainland to help the war effort in the different regions.
For example, in 1711, the Tory government sent a contingent of forces to Quebec and Montreal to support the war. This included Admiral Walker, whose troops were seen as a way ending the war once they landed. However, the troops brought in by Walker were too many to support on the few resources available (Grotte, 1998). In a subsequent voyage, most of Walker’s troops perished at sea when their fleet got wrecked. As a result, both sides saw Walker’s expedition as a failure, and all the expeditions returned to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss British/Colonial Operations Against New France During Queen Essay.
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