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The dismissal and murder of the renowned former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Qaddafi (1942—2011) is undoubtedly a remarkable incident of the contemporary era world affairs, which was heard by the entire world under the feelings of great suspicion and astonishment. The present…
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Identify one major political event in an African country
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Download file to see previous pages The main objective of the paper includes making the exploration of the actual political scenario of the Libyan politics, which had experienced a significant blow during the last few years in the name of so-called ‘awakening of the Arab nations’ for introducing imperative alterations to the Afro-Arab politics to a great extent. The paper will also examine the reasons behind the unexpected revolt against the Qaddafi regime. The paper is also interested in investigating into the external factors, including the US role, in respect of toppling the Qaddafi regime for the establishment of a pro-American political system in the lines adopted by the European powers of colonial era for turning the weak and backward states to be their subjugated domains in order to introduce and enforce the policies of their choice as well as to force the small countries for developing social, economic, business and trade relations with the USA. Hence, the paper will portray a comprehensive scenario paving the way towards 2011 revolt in Libya in the light of internal and external factors controlling and regulating the rebellion and rebels at large.
Muammar Qaddafi served as one of the most dominant and influential figures of the twentieth century Afro-Arabian political world, which left indelible impact of his political and strategic achievements in the entire region during the second half of the last century till the first decades of new century. By dint of his exceptional intellect, deep foresight and outstanding wisdom, he successfully played the role of a central figure in the national politics of Libya for over four decades, where he was the sole decision-maker of the fate of his country and its masses at large. Though, apparently, he was considered to be unconquered and supreme in national politics, who would sustain power till the last day of his life, Qaddafi became the victim of purported Arab Spring appeared by the mid of December 2010 with the big powers in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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