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This is just another form of racial profiling but it is not true. The reason for such locations in the racial neighborhoods is as a result of ignorance…
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Environmental Politics
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Environmental Politics According to Krieg, the location of toxic waste is dependent on the community tax structure and its social economic standing. This is just another form of racial profiling but it is not true. The reason for such locations in the racial neighborhoods is as a result of ignorance of the county council and the other concerned branches that deal with environmental cleaning and protection (Krieg 11). Due to the racism that still exists in society up to date, these areas for certain races especially the blacks are left with toxic waste and then the blame is put on them for belonging to a lower social-economic status.
Protests do not necessarily lead to environmental legislations being passed or considered as pointed out by Agnone. This is just basic assumption based on generalization of research results forgetting that communities are different and just because several protests over legislations got recognition and quick action does not mean that it is the only channel to enforce policy changes (Agnone 1599). The author should have carried out more research to compare the number of policies that have been passed without protest against those passed with protest before writing the article and present the evidence in writing.
The suggestion in Kuzmiaks article that the American Environmental Movement is gaining popularity and support recently as a result of their past history is not entirely correct. The world not only America has in the recent decades been experiencing changes in environment as a result of the climate change. With the effects starting to be experienced in form of hurricanes in the US, a change of heart to support environmental groups and activists has had to take place and the fact that this group has been there for a long time hence people recognize it is what has made the increase in popularity (Kuzmiak 268).
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