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Book review on: Dobson, Andrew, Citizenship and the environment, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2003 - Essay Example

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They have not only tried to give the clear link between the two but also for a while decided to explore their applicability. Despite these…
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Book review on: Dobson, Andrew, Citizenship and the environment, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2003
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Extract of sample "Book review on: Dobson, Andrew, Citizenship and the environment, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2003"

Download file to see previous pages For several years, too the articulation of nationality, that was seen as being bequeathed by the liberal and civil Republican, has been given a new meaning. Dobson, Andrew, Citizenship and the environment as a book has in all ways tried to develop an original theory of citizenship. This can help answer to many questions of ecology and citizenship and as such assist the government in much-informed decision (Barry 2005 p., 35)
Through the book, problems with environmental, human rights are clearly portrayed and comprehended. One problem that has been with many environmentalists globally when relating to environmental citizenship according to Dobson, Andrew is the claim citizens hold of anthropocentrism (Haugestad & Wulfhorst, 2004 p., 57). This is the assumption that there is always something morally important about human beings. In view of the book this special status that human place on them through their political thoughts and moral ideas can be considered as the primary cause of environmental problems. Furthermore, because it only human beings that are elevated to this status, environmental conflict necessitates. It is also a fact that environmental, human rights, which many beings possess can never in any way support the intrinsic value of the biosphere. On the other hand, a heated citizenry of ecological stewards could help understand citizenship human freedom in terms of a strong view of sustainability. These are basic, but important concepts that can further help understand the concept of the environment and citizen (Haugestad & Wulfhorst, 2004 p., 17).
In view of the book, various arguments about environmental citizenship have risen to prominence over the past decades in the field of environmental politics, this debate over the years have generated discussion about the link that exist between ecology and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Book Review On: Dobson, Andrew, Citizenship and the Environment, Essay.
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